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The headline on the letter from Sam Larson was startling: “Online sales tax exists, but isn’t collected.”

I had never heard of this and tried to think of any other taxes that exist but go uncollected and couldn’t think of one.

This is ridiculous. No matter where you buy a chair or a purse, the sales tax on the item needs to be paid when you make the purchase. I don’t want to raise taxes on anything, but I don’t think that people who sell stuff online should be exempt from the tax that all the stores in the mall have to charge.

Ben Carroll, Show Low

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Retired Captain

"Online sales should be taxed"

No, they shouldn't.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who desire facilitating govt's legalized-theft of money at every juncture, even those that are currently sheltered from that legalized-theft.

Utterly amazing to repeatedly witness the near-total indoctrination and conditioning of the American people..


I just bought a laptop from Amazon and got charged $30.00 in tax. I can't imagine what you are talking about


Mr. Carroll couldn't think of any other taxes which exist but go uncollected. I can.
A Seattle Times article, July 3, 2011 reports that about $410-500 billions in owed federal income tax goes uncollected each year. President Obama asked the congress for a one billion dollar increase (about 5,000 new agents to begin addressing this problem. Instead, TEAPUBS in the U.S. House actually cut the IRS budget by $600 millions and have reduced the staffing from 115,000 agents to 90,000 agents in the past few years.

It is worth noting that only 84% of taxpayers pay their bills voluntarily. The remainder require enforcement action. Each new dollar spent on IRS collection actions yields two dollars in revenue, while each new dollar spent on IRS enforcement actions yields nearly $250.

Add to this the hundreds of billions more in uncollected Social Security taxes (often by criminal activity on the part of employers) and you have a tidy little sum.

By the way, this situation results in another fiction about the government: that unpaid taxes result in other taxpayers making up the difference. Obviously, that is not true. These uncollected taxes are made up for by debt, the servicing of which adds even more costs.


@ronzim: Any knowledge on how many public officials still owe?

wes alderson

Most of what RonZim said is correct. However, it may be a bit off-topic. I THINK the essence of this string is that it is not ethcial to require brick and mortor-based businesses to charge 89 cents tax for a shirt you buy, but to allow the same item to go untaxed if bought on the Internet.

One reason is that this gives the Internet an even bigger advantage over the retailers that make up the core of any town"s local economy. This disadvantage inevitably leads to the closure of more retailers and reduces the number of jobs in the area.

Captain - I hope you can see this angle, rather than misperceive it as "higher" taxes. It's only fair to have a level playing field.



The govt don't need any more sources to rob Americans and squander the money.


Nothing should be taxed.

Not one of us has entered in to a binding legal agreement or contract with the Federal government that entitles said entity to ANY of our earnings, be the taxes through 'payroll' taxes, Social Security or through theft at the register.


Retired Captain

No, Wes...I reject any such 'angle'.

I stand 100% by my original post and will merely reiterate that it is utterly amazing to repeatedly witness the near-total indoctrination and conditioning of the American people.


I disagree with you Wes. First of all the majority of the items I buy on line ARE taxed. And even if they weren't, the shipping charges far outweigh the taxes. For that reason I don't believe internet purchases have any advantage over brick and mortar sales. The main reason I buy online is the very limited choices we have here on the mountain. Besides small, pricey boutiques, the only options are Walmart and KMart. Sends me straight to the internet. [beam]


Money is taxed everytime it switches hands. Those items that are sold on line or at a yard sale have already had the tax paid on them at the first purcahse.


cam: if nothing should be taxed, as is now authorized by the constitution, how would government raise revenue?


Without taxes, the United States would not have a military; build highways; pay for veterans medical healthcare; pay for disasters like Rich Perry's firestorm and Chis Christie's hurricane damages to their states.


Correction: Rick Perry's

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