Except for Alito and Thomas the Supreme Court showed its true colors. Had they heard the Texas case and exposed the fraud the Democrats (thru BLM and Antifa) would have returned to arson, violence and destruction.

If the Justices and own homes were not targeted outright they would face non-stop harassment wherever they went in Washington.

Rather than do the right thing for the American people they sold out the country and the rule of law. We all know what happened but only half of us give a damn. The phony doctor, who likes to slander millions of people he has never net, is not fooling anyone. The vast majority of American’s are not “system-actually racist.”

Meanwhile the American press and big tech, in service of the left wing agenda, have taken censorship to a level Pravda never dreamed of. What happened to Google’s motto, “Do No Evil”? They have become our self-appointed and tyrannical Ministry of Truth.

Brian D. Ottmer


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You sir, must have drunk the Kool aid. Even Trumps diehard propaganda machines (Fox News and Newsmax) had to broadcast retractions to their lies about alleged voting problems when they were faced with libel lawsuits over their reporting of the malicious vote theft propaganda spewing from the mouth of Trump.

Even departing Trump AG Barr has stated there are no credible instances of widespread voting irregularities.

Facts are trumping Trump, that's why the Courts are tossing his lawsuits.

And before you attack me, I am no liberal nor a Democrat.


This is hilarious! The SCOTUS is obligated to rule according to the Constitution of the USA. They have to rule according to this thing called evidence. If there is no actual court admissible evidence presented, they throw the case out. The recent flurry of lawsuits have had one glaringly obvious issue. Not one shred of actual evidence. All there has been has been hearsay and innuendos. Not one of the people who have claimed they saw any illegal acts has been willing to testify in court under oath and under penalty of perjury as to what they saw. It is almost as if they made it all up?

Bob Smith

I tried reading this letter twice and...am still lost. What ideas are the author trying to convey (other than he spends too much time watching Fox maybe?)


Sounds like the same crew who was telling the rest of us in 2016 "You lost. Get over it." is having a hard time getting over it.


Even with a thesaurus, compass, and nautical sextant, I could not see what direction Mr. Ottmer was going.


Sound like a Drunk to me.


Simple extrapolation: no evidence, no proof = no court case.

commador perry

Suck it up buttercup.


Can I get that bumper sticker?


You will getanother chance in 2036 when Ms. Harris is finishing up her very successful second term


Not a single fact. Not a scintilla of evidence. Just the grievance besotted maunderings of the uninformed.

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