There is a lot of negativity going around regarding the COVID-19, especially within the high school. While I do admit that it sucks to not be able to socialize with my friends, have to stay home for what seems like forever, and have my junior season for softball taken from me, I like to think of all the possible positives that could come from this.

The first one is family time. As a teenager, it is hard to always see eye-to-eye with my parents and siblings, and this time I've been given with them is helping me grow with them. I'm not going to act like 2 weeks has cured every fight and mended every wound, but it's a start.

The other thing I noticed was history. My generation hasn't been through something big. We weren't even alive for 9/11. The virus isn't exactly what we wished for, but one day, way in the future, when we have kids or grandkids read about COVID-19 and how the world basically shut down for a couple months, we are going to be the ones who can say that we were there and we remember the craziness of it all. We will have quarantine stories that will make them laugh, but most of all we will be able to say that we lived through it.

Going through this rough time puts us in the history books and makes us known. Aways look for some sort of positive in a world of negativity. Your encouragement could mean the world to someone who has it rough and just needs your boost to get through their day. Positivity spreads like wildfire.

Rebekah James,


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che guevara

Rebekah ; History is little more than the repetition of cycles which all civilizations are condemned to repeat despite their best efforts . The most profound human suffering however , comes about when a soul is caught between two ages , and rapid changes often overwhelm the fragile human psyche . For example , if you were to take a person from the middle ages and place them into today's world they would be horrified my much , if not all of what they would behold . Conversely , if you were to take a modern person of today and place them back into the middle ages they would be equally horrified by what they would experience and observe . Every generation throughout history is conditioned to accept the brutalities and injustices of their times as being the normal course of how things are , and thereby becomes tolerant of the microcosm they inhabit . The fact that you kids were not even born when the 9/11 episode took place illustrates this dynamic , as none of your generation can imagine how much better life was once upon a time here in America and in the rest of the world for that matter .

Since you eluded to history in your letter , I will briefly relate to you the societal cycles as first postulated by ancient Greek thinkers such as Plato , whereby all societies experience 80 year cycles of rise , rebellion , chaos and decline which is usually marked by catastrophic events . These 80 year cycles are broken into four 20 year segments , with each segment exhibiting a distinct dynamic . I'll use the United States as the focal point of this to simplify what I am trying to illustrate . Let's start at the year 1865 , which marked the end of the Civil War . From here we had a reconstruction in both the political system and in the national infrastructure coupled with westward settlement along with an epiphany of national conscience with the recent abolition of slavery . By around 1885 , the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and self sufficiency became the trademark of the American character , and thoughts of rebellion against the established order were extinguished . By 1905 , the advances in technologies brought about an expanded railway system , trans-oceanic travel and the birth of air travel towards the later part of this 20 year increment , along with the First World War and the beginnings of America's rise towards becoming a world power . Between 1925 and 1945 , the final segment of the 80 year cycle , there occurred the catastrophic Great Depression and the Second World War , complete with the ushering in of the Atomic Age . Thus ended one 80 year cycle , in which everything changed drastically ; we went from single shot muzzle loading muskets and rifles to the atom bomb in a rather scant period of time ; from the horse and buggy to air travel ; and from a largely agrarian nation into a global industrial , economic and military power . And from the devastation which marked the ending of this cycle America as we have known it came into being .

Let's briefly now look at the next 80 year cycle , of which we are in the final and devastating phase of at this time . From 1945 through to about 1965 , we had the so-called Happy Days where the middle class came into being , the suburbs and automobiles became America's national traits , the baby boom ( of which I am a product ) and the booming post - war economy that ensured prosperity for just about everyone . In the mid 1960's there then came about a period of time where the establishment was being questioned and the underpinnings of society were held up to a level of scrutiny as never before , aided by such egregiousness as the Viet Nam War , the Kent State Massacre and Watergate . The counterculture movement , women's lib and racial / civil strife became the dominant elements on the American scene as society marched into the cycle of disarray and discontent in accordance with the 80 year cycle . By the mid 1980's America began to loose it's altruistic ideals and focused upon greed , money and the acquisition of wealth during the so - called ""me" generation . By the year 2005 , squarely into the final 20 year tumultuous increment of the cycle , the 9/11 episode had already taken place and America was up to it's neck in the endless series of wars of aggression and acquisition beneath the guise of " national security " , with the loss of freedom and the enveloping police / surveillance state firmly enthroned as the new kings ( right along side the corporations ) . Simultaneously , ascending nations such as China and Russia and India have posed a threat to the uni - polar world dominated by America in the aftermath of the Second World War , and American corporations moved most of their operations overseas thus hollowing - out the short lived middle class and starting America on it's slippery slope towards third - worldism . In 2008 , the Wall Street Banking Cartels could no longer cover - up their theft of the nation and it's people , and were subsequently bailed - out against the wishes of the American people by a government which is totally owned lock , stock and barrel by the bloodsuckers of finance and the corporate kings . This, Rebekah , is the world into which you and your cohorts have been born . At this stage, in the final years of the 80 year cycle , the upheavals are all around us with the financial crisis and the Covid - 19 crisis taking center stage . By 2025 , the cycle will come to it's end by way of catastrophic events and great upheaval before a new 80 year cycle begins . It will be your generation who will either go along with the die that has been cast by the rulers of this world , or hopefully will be the ones who organize and demand changes to the seemingly perpetual status quo which has been civilizations constant curse .

Nice letter Rebekah --- and remember ; think for yourself , and question everything .


I remember my grandfather telling me what it was like in 1918 and 1919, the last time we had a pandemic this big. Yes, this is horrible but equally yes, you will be able to pass this lesson on.

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