The current state primary system violates the state’s Constitution in two places. Article 7.1 states that “secrecy in voting will be preserved.” That article is infringed when one must identify a “Party affiliation” in order to get a ballot. The public then knows for whom one is voting or the group for whom one is voting. Secrecy is not preserved.

7.2B of the Constitution requires “The rights of citizens to vote (which) … shall not be denied or abridged by the state, political division or municipality thereof …”

People who receive “Party” ballots are receiving abridged ballots. People labeled as “Independents” do not receive any ballot at all. Voting rights, therefore, are either abridged or denied.

It is difficult to understand why this situation exists in Arizona. Elected officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet they do not.

In many states it is against the law for the state to use workers or other resources to support political parties by creating special party ballots, tracking voters by party, conducting tabulations by party, or printing any party-oriented literature. Some states believe these things should not be the work of government nor should taxes be directed toward them.

Several states have switched their systems to avoid the problems in the Arizona primary system. One of the newest of these is the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) system. In those states, like Maine, using RCV, there is only one ballot per voter whereby all the electable candidates are listed. Votes pick their first, second, third or more choices. The first candidate, who gets over 50% of the combine votes, is automatically elected.

Can we please change what needs to be fixed?

Robert E. Brady,


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