What are people thinking up here in Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside? This morning, my husband and I drove by Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart and saw more cars in the parking lot than we’ve seen in weeks. We drove to get fuel at the Circle K across the street and people were in and out of the store – not adhering to any social distancing suggestions – touching the door handles with their bare hands, touching their faces, etc. I even saw one man cough into his hand and then open the door with that same hand.

We have had a few deliveries from local restaurants and mail carriers and not one single person was wearing a mask. With jobs that require breaking social distancing guidelines on a daily basis they should be required to wear masks and be fined for non-compliance. We had to put a sign on our door asking people to step back at least 10 feet after knocking and to wear a mask if possible due to blatant lack of anyone attempting to comply with any safety guidelines. Its ridiculous.

People appear to be getting complacent and this is a huge concern for us and should be a concern for everyone. The lack of adherence to the social distancing warnings and the lack of people wearing masks alone is very disturbing. I don’t understand why city governments haven’t taken action and mandated the use of face masks and enforced the social distancing guidelines.

We are not fear-mongers with negative attitude. But we do believe in staying safe and being smart about this pandemic. We would like to see others do the same for all our sakes.

D. Cessna,


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No, people are learning the truth.


What truth are you talking about, Russ?


The nerve of some people. I saw the same thing at the liquor store and the pot dispensary the other day. Good thing we have our priorities straight.


Unfortunately, most of the people up here exist in the Trump bubble. They never learned how to think for themselves and prefer to live as a cult.


Thank God for that, its called freedom. The alternative is what awaits you in China or Russia. You cant really be serious about us republicans thinking for ourselves when the Dems have invented everything but a Toilet paper Czar to control your every thought. Well...perhaps they have by now.


Is this meant to be sarcasm?




Ummm, you wouldn't have seen all that if YOU weren't out in it.


Russ: Just what truth would that be?


Well it’s time to get back to living life. It’s time for business to get back to work. We can’t live in fear the rest of our lives. If you think your mask and gloves will protect you, then do so. I saw the same things you saw yesterday and I had a good feeling. Yes, people will still get sick and a few may die but that will happen rather we open up or not. I don’t know if you are old enough to remember, but in the 50s we would get under our school desks to be safe from atomic bombs. That also was overacting.


We appreciate your observations. But, one has to ask why you were out there in the first place. The way it is supposed to be done is, ONE family member goes shopping, ONE family member picks up essentials. If you are going to be exposing yourself, you should be prepared for what you see. Seems like a shopping day that opened your eyes to the flagrant disregard to yours, and everyone else's safety. I am talking about you. If you feel like everyone should be mindful of your health, you might want to think what your presence is doing to theirs, STAY HOME! Send only one person out. Don't embark on a shopping day, and complain about others.YOU are also part of the problem. Although, I am here to keep you healthy, I am not here to fix your ignorance.


It really isn't anyone else's business how someone else chooses to "handle" the pandemic. Take care of yourself, that is all you need to be concerned with. This is the United States and we do not need a government mandating what we should or should not do or wear.f Take precautions to protect yourself, stay home and quarantine yourself if you feel you are at greater risk.


The fear in this author is apparent and very sad. As a medical professional who has closely followed the medical and scientific evidence and data, so many people are being scared by what they hear in the media and from so-called experts. Most everything in the mainstream and social media is far from sound science. False information proliferates and takes a life of its own.

There is no evidence that social distancing reduces spread of respiratory viruses. The scientific medical literature has long recognized this. For example, a 2011 Cochrane systematic review of the evidence led by Dr. Eleni Patrozou, Division of Infectious Diseases at Warren Alpert Medical School Brown University; and another systematic review of the evidence in 2017 led by Dr. Patrick Saunders-Hastings at the University of Ottawa.

The scientific evidence has long recognized that asymptomatic or "presymptomatic" people do not play any significant role in viral transmission. Pandemic planning and computer modeling sometimes make this claim but real life evidence does not support it. Sound medical research is prolific, such as in a 2009 systematic review of peer-reviewed published studies.

Masks also have no purpose for people without symptoms. This has long been known in sound medical and scientific evidence. Sadly, many people fear that they can catch a coronavirus simply by having people breathe near them. But it is not airborne or spread like that. WHO and CDC have long recognized that viral transmission in epidemics is due to symptomatic SICK people who spread viruses in droplets when coughing and sneezing.

If it really was airborne like people are being led to fear, then masks make even less sense because coronaviruses are tiny and the pore size (openings) in dust masks, homemade fabric masks and even respirators would allow the viruses to come right through. Even the N95 masks block particles 0.3 microns or larger, but coronaviruses are 0.11 microns. So, not surprisingly, the latest research found no difference in the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of N95 masks compared to regular paper surgical masks. Masks also don't work after they become moist with respiration or are reused and can actually worsen respiratory infections and breathing problems when worn all the time. Few people sterilize them, either. Masks have never been recommended by public health officials to mitigate a pandemic, even the WHO or CDC.

Media reports lots of things that are not true and are very different from credible medical literature. Did you know this recent scare about asymptomatic spread started out from a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine that was not a study but a third person anecdote – it was retracted the following week when it was proven to be false. And where did the scare come from that the virus could be aerosolized and spread through the air? The study was published in Practical Preventive Medicine – which the news has hyped endlessly and other "studies" even quoted to spread the claim. But the study was retracted on March 9th.

Even though information is wrong, scary stories never die and grow larger. Scares spread more virally than the virus.


Regrettably, but inevitably, whenever there is a set of adverse circumstances which visit hardship upon some major part of humanity, there also arises some group of contrarians who torture both logic and reason in their desperate attempt to thwart the truth. Assertions that proven science, which is documented by current research and extant observations in real time, are false, ring hollow in the face of the evidence.

Three things are now known to be true about the new viral trouble currently besetting us: First, social distancing is a highly effective means to attenuate the spread of COVID-19. Not only is this known from scientific analysis but from the empirical evidence which shows that there is a much higher presence of the illness in such places as nursing homes, prisons and naval vessels where distancing has not been in effect than in those arenas where it has.

Second, the use of masks serves the main purpose of slowing the spread of the virus because the main vector for infection is water droplets exuded from infected persons by their coughing and sneezing. No claim is made concerning individual viral constituents because they are, overwhelmingly, attached to water particles and move very little by themselves. They require some vehicle. The small size of these viruses is therefore not germane to the matter of transmission.

Third, the science about COVID-19(not some old studies before it was known) shows that it does, indeed, transmit from asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic and pauci-symptomatic patients; however, there is a difference in the degree of transmission. It is smallest from the asymptomatic patient, larger from the pre- symptomatic patient and largest in the symptomatic patient at about the time of the onset of symptoms. I checked with Science, the CDC, the NIH, Georgetown University, Med rxIV(nine peer-reviewed papers) Vox, Healthline.com, propublic.org, sciencealtert.com and others, all of which confirm that all transmission vectors are in effect.

A study in Nature Medicine of 94 confirmed Covid-19 patients found that people were most infectious right before they started to show symptoms. The researchers obtained data about people who had gotten Covid-19 as well as those who had been around them before and after they got sick. Based on this, they estimated that 44 percent of people who caught the virus from the study’s participants had gotten it from people who felt healthy at the time.


Thank you Vets for your lucid and sound information. I have been trying to tell everyone how masks are not going to protect from anything. I had some old lady at Safeway give me a dirty look and ask me where my mask was, I responded that I am not sick and it's not Halloween so I am not going to wear a mask. Surgeons don't wear a mask during operations to protect themselves but to protect the patient. My advice to the author of this letter is the same as many others, if you're worried about it so much then stay at home and hide under your bed! Your rights end where mine begin!


Thank you Ronzim for correcting the misinformation being put out by ignorant republican Trumpanzees. It is not only a scientific fact that social distancing and wearing a mask work to slow the spread of covid-19, any other viruses or germs or just plain bad breath. It is also just plain common sense. Apperantly, the Trumpanzees have never been able to figure out that if a person is talking face to face with another person that is afflicted with a virus, germ, or bad breath, they will get the full blast in the face. However, if either of those people moves back a distance or dons a mask, the full effect of the whatever is expelled from their lungs is either diluted by distance or filtered by a mask. I must point out that social distancing is not 100%, the greater the distance from an infected person, the less chance the virus contaminated sputum droplets will get to you. Also, the degree of effectiveness of a face mask depends on the type being worn. The better the filtration of the mask, the more virus carrying sputum droplets are filtered out, hence the less contaminated air you will breathe. Moreover, Why can't republicans Trumpanzees comprehend that the reason a covid-19 infected person wears a mask is not to infect other people and the reason that other people chuze to wear a mask is to protect themselves from those inconsiderates that chuze not to wear a mask and yet may be infected with the Covid-19 virus. Since the covid-19 virus is 10 times more contagious than the flu virus, it would be a sad thing for a person that unknowingly is a carrier or is in the incubation period of the virus, not wear a mask and cause the deaths of children, moms, dads, grandparents of others or maybe his own. All because of ignorance and stupidity.


Al: I did some further research on this matter of masks. Laboratory testing shows that unobstructed coughing emits a droplet mist which carries for about 12 feet (almost twice the current recommended distance. Moreover, the same lab test documented by photographic evidence shows that unobstructed sneezing produces a droplet mist which extends nearly 15 feet from the sneezer. Further testing revealed that a simple cloth mask reduces the droplet cloud by over 99%. In view of the fact that no untested person can know whether they are infected or not, the mask-in-public policy is an outstanding means to reduce viral spread.

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