Attention to all voters: I have no doubt that people will lose health insurance coverage and coverage for pre-existing conditions in 2021 if the current administration stays in power.

Think of the people who do not have employer provided insurance: Could they be your children, your siblings, your grandchildren, your neighbors and friends?

In the past few months a vast number of people have lost health insurance because of job loss.

Over 23 million people are now covered under the Affordable Healthcare Act and are protected against being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. COVID-19 is considered a pre-existing condition and can range from symptoms such as severe headaches, heart issues and neurological issues. The patient will need to prove that these symptoms are not a pre-existing condition.

The Senate has voted numerous times since 2017 to repeal the Act and has not offered a substitution.

These are facts. When you vote remember these facts. Remember those you love, those you care about and those who depend on ACA for health insurance.

I own property in the White Mountains and know many people who do not get their insurance from their employer. I am concerned for them


Mary E. Kortsen,

Casa Grande

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Thank you Mary! GOP congress has tried and failed to repeal the ACA almost 100 times. After failing to destroy the healthcare protections that the American people rely on to (how do I say it?) LIVE, the GOP that is in the pocket of insurance lobby is trying to take away Americans' healthcare protections through the courts. All of this in a pandemic, mind you. Heartbreakingly and breathtakingly cruel. Where is the plan, sir? Two weeks, we will unveil the bigliest, most beautiful plan. Yeah right! VOTE!


Cause and effect! When people lose their health insurance ACA and they incur medical debt in the tens of thousands of dollars, it will cause most americans to deplete their savings, more will get liens on their homes, more will go bankrupt, there will be an increase of emergency room visits for common ailments, and an increase by a large amount, people forced on government welfare. All because the GOP and Trump are intent on taking healthcare away from 60 million americans including seniors.

Dr Kevin L Gibson

Several States do not have full ACA benefits due to Republican Governors. When voting this year remember that the legislators, Federal and State, both need to support better healthcare.

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