Mr. Headley...

With all due respect, I believe you are totally off base in your condemnation of State Senator Dunn’s proposal to transport water from the Mississippi River region to the drought stricken west. I think it’s a fantastic idea!

The Colonial Pipeline transports gasoline from Houston Texas to Linden New Jersey. It provides this needed resource to residents along the eastern seaboard. Why not create a pipeline to move water from the flood ravaged south and southeastern states to the Colorado River system? You say it is too expensive. Sure it is. It will probably cost billions or trillions of dollars. But do your research. What has the financial impact been to our southern states over the last decade or so following tropical and spring storms? It’s astronomical!

The outlook for the future in the west is pretty bleak. Drought conditions are expected to continue. I’m the executive director of a non-profit, Friends of the Lower Blue River. We focus our attention on the stretch of the Lower Blue River between Silverthorne and Kremmling, Colorado. Our river is a vital link to the Colorado River system which serves 40-million people in the West.

Why not create a pipeline that would transmit something far more important than giving water? Again, with all due respect because in my former life, I spent 40 years in the news business, you may want to gather more facts.


Jonathan Knopf

Executive Director

Friends of the Lower Blue River

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I have to ask. Who owns or controls that water that you propose piping over to AZ? Do all the states that pipeline would be crossing get an equal share of that water in that pipeline? Let's face it, there is far more involved than just taking the water and piping it to AZ. How about stopping the fracking that takes a tremendous amount of water, rendering it toxic and unusable? How about limiting new subdivisions to the available water for that subdivision? How about limiting huge water usage operations? Yes, we will be needing water in AZ, but scrambling for pipelines while at the same time wasting millions of gallons for fracking and other operations is not feasible.

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