Dear Editor,

What’s a huge problem in the world today? Plastic!

Especially single use plastics I just learned about this incredible woman from Nairobi, Kenya who is battling the world’s plastic problem right now. Her name is Nzambi Matee.

This amazing woman figured out how to make bricks from plastic waste. The bricks are made from high- and low-density polyethylene. Which just means soft plastic like Styrofoam and hard plastic like syrup bottles.

Nzambi then melts these plastics down and adds sand to them. The plastic and sand mixture is then pressed into bricks by a hydraulic machine. The bricks can come in different thicknesses and colors. The bricks are used to pave walkways and, in the future, make building structures. The bricks that she makes are also stronger and lighter than concrete.

Can this woman get even more amazing? Yes, she can! Nzambi also designed the machines that are used to manufacture the bricks. Since her manufacturing company, Gjenge Makers, started in 2018 it has recycled more than 20 tons of plastic. Nzambi Matee’s company can make 1000 to 1500 bricks a day.

Nzambi’s bricks have also created 112 jobs in Nairobi’s community. Nzambi is helping the world and her community one brick at a time. I thought you should know about and admire this woman as much as I do.

A dedicated reader,

Enjoli Truax,


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Stephen Wenger

Ever wonder why we don't usually recycle glass in the US? It's too costly and wasteful of water for commercial reuse of the same bottles and jars and too costly in terms of labor to sort colors for melting. We do make limited use of crushed glass to make highway striping reflective.


It's amazing what can be accomplished when you don't have to please 99 government agencies before fixing a problem.

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