The FBI announced a policy change on how it notifies public officials who are in charge of elections that have had some computer hacking attempt or a successful hacking. This policy change makes improvements so that both county and state officials will be notified at the same time. Apparently, counties may have been notified and not state officials leading to the state officials to unknowing accept possible invalid elections results.

This increased transparency within government is a definte inprovement concerning the integrity of our election system, but will not extend to the public. Paper ballots allow us to audit election results and this will also increase election integrity. I have been told audits of election results are being considered for all future elections.

I am confused why this information concerning hacking will not necessarily become available to the public. I also believe that if audits of paper balots will be good in future elections, then we should conduct audits on ballots from our 2018 election. By law the county is required to maintain these ballots for two years following the election. If not to be available for an audit, then why make the rule?

Kenny Cail

Lakeside, Az.

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