Nancy Pelosi’s symbolic action is the latest example. Pelosi is removing four portraits of past Speakers who she says were confederates. The portraits have been there for many decades.

She has been there for over 30 years, and Speaker for some of those.

She "just recently" found out about the existence of these particular portraits.

So just how offensive could the existence of these portraits have been?

Three to be removed served as Speakers well before the Civil war ( or Confederacy) even existed. Her reasoning that they were Confederates is laughable , but it plays well. Also, three of them were Whig.

Fortunately however, I am sure racism will disappear in the next few days as a result of her symbolic action. (Assuming, of course , that William Jefferson Clinton expunges his offensive middle name also.)

Pelosi should remove the portraits of the Democrat speakers in the 20 th century from southern states who supported poll taxes to suppress poor Black voters.

We should also ask Speaker Pelosi why she did not have Democrat Jim Wright's portrait removed. He was forced to resign as Speaker due to huge ethical concerns. Among them , he hired his daughter's husband to a position after the man was paroled from prison after serving only 27 months of a 15 year sentence. The man had beaten a woman with a hammer and left her for dead, but she lived to tell. Surely Jim Wright's deplorable actions and record rate the removal of his portrait, don't you think?

Matthew Scully,


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Statues, portraits are of Democrats


Correct, the confederate statues and paintings are mostly Democrats or Whigs.

So why are you Republicans so up in arms about Democrats deciding to remove the Democrat statues and paintings that they find no longer aligned with their policies? You are Republicans, the party of Lincoln. What do you care what Democrats do with their symbols?

Lee Bertay

They are destroying the evidence - a Cultural Revolution like their mentors; the Chicoms. Then their controlled education system can rewrite the history - including the 2nd amendment - right gunshow pxllr?


Nancy Pelosi’s symbolic action is the latest example. Not even sure whom told here the photos were there. Such an idiot she is...she needs to go.


So this election our choice is either a person with no soul or a person with no brain.

commador perry

Nobody will be able to fix the mess Trump has created. Republican response But!!!!


Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is the one that has saved the U.S. from going into a full fledged depression during the republican Bush 2008-2009 catastrophic recession. It was also Speaker Pelosi also that spearheaded the Paycheck Protection Act Stimulus which saved our country from going into a recession because of the Trump initial incompetence of letting the Covid-19 pandemic spread and causing a shut down of the whole American economy. Nancy Pelosi fought for and passed Obamacare which gave more than 20 million Americans healthcare and over 40 million seniors on Medicare no cost preventative healthcare benefits. On the other hand you have republican Fascist Trump trying to take away Obamacare health insurance from over 60 million Americans without even having a replacement healthcare program. Moreover, Trump is fighting to save confederate statues of treasonous men while he ignores and promotes the deaths of thousands of Americans from the corona virus pandemic.

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