Our earth, what do you see when you think of it? I see pollution. We have trash everywhere. The oceans have 4.8 to 12 tons of trash in it. We're losing resources we depend on. Our earth is polluted on the ground, air and ocean and we're seeing changes.

When you drop a gum wrapper on the ground when nobody is looking you may think it doesn''t matter although when 7.7 billion people may be doing the same thing it adds up. The most polluted country in the world is China. When you see those power plants releasing steaming air, it could be full of chemicals.

In the Pacific Ocean is an island of trash. It is 600,000 square miles, located between Hawaii and California. There is so much pollution in our oceans — sewage, toxins, chemicals from industries, nuclear waste, plastics and oil. There are 14 billion pounds of trash dumped in our oceans every year.

What's going to happen? We have polluted our Earth so much we are seeing terrible changes. Because of global warming our polar ice caps are disappearing. Everyday people miss the trash can in the park and just walk away.

Without the resources that pollution is destoying we won't survive. The human race caused this. We need to save our earth.

Sheyenne Schuster,


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[tongue] The Earth will be just fine once the human infestation is gone. Covid-19 is a good start!

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