What the heck is going on with the stretch of highway 260 between Heber and Show Low? It is a pothole nightmare!

As I drove that stretch last Thursday afternoon I was simply swerving all over the road to avoid huge holes in the road. Finally, a big red warning came across my dashboard info system that said "Please take a rest!"

I thought, "How can I rest? I need to dodge all these holes in the road!" It is in very simple terms, extremely dangerous!

Either someone will hit a hole and their car will flip, or they will blow out a tire.

I would advise not driving that stretch of road at night or after a snowstorm, where you may not be able to see the huge holes.

This is also a stretch of highway often used by emergency vehicles that will likely be traveling at a high rate of speed. It is simply a disaster waiting to happen.

Renee Roncone,


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We have lived in Show Low since 1996, and I have never ever seen the Roads in this poor condition! Hopefully when winter is gone and the plows stop running there will be much needed repairs on Highway 260 through Show Low, Lakeside & Pinetop. Please!! my vehicles are taking a real beating!!


Ain't it the truth?! All of those public-workers who were out there patching potholes a few months ago did so with mud. Job security!


You are so correct. If Highway patrol saw me driving like that, they may think that I am under the influence of something or other. It would be a wonderful thing if a sign board could be placed warning of the Holy Blessed Pope section of the highway loaded with divits that cold swallow a small vehicle.


I live on a dirt and gravel section in St Johns. We have taken to calling the paved road leading to my section Cold-patch Avenue.


I believe the answer is money. ADOT funds were cut and have been used for other things in the State Budget (and not fully restored now that the economy is improving) so maintenance on our roads has been reduced to below what is needed to maintain them. As drivers we see the results of this neglect every time we drive a State Highway. Calls to raise our outdated gasoline tax which could be used to improve our infrastructure are ignored by our no new taxes Governor so we drivers get to pay another tax in the form of added vehicle repairs and tires. I am not one for pouring $ at a problem just to see if it goes away but our potholed roadways show us everyday they need help.


You make some good points, but the fact remains that, as long as the government is doing the work that private contractors could manage much more efficiently, it will be lousy, expensive work.

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