I am once again taking time to express my concerns about the method of using precincts to report elections results. Precincts that prevent any town in the Navajo County from knowing how they voted.

Chairman Seymore stated that a report from the elections department addressing the concern would be made to board members. I was never contacted about the report and assume the board received the report. I did request to see the report. Without any discussion or action by the board I assume the matter closed.

I received a one sentence report — “We do not use Dominion machines.”

This is an answer that should be adequate in dealing with anyone following Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell, who met with the former president with notes recommending a call for martial law. This CEO of My Pillow has been seen advertising, appearing and discrediting Dominion machines in interviews on FOX News. This report was inadequate — since it had nothing to do with how or why our county uses these precincts as opposed to the traditional polling place results.

My response was “What an unusual reply. I am well aware of the type of voting machines used by Navajo County.”

I took my concerns to the Arizona state elections office. They explained “Because Navajo county uses vote centers, and not polling places, they cannot report by polling place because they do not have polling places. They cannot create a report based off data that does not exist.”

Voting data that does not exist?.. that is clearly the problem. Polling place workers count and confirm the number of ballots cast in their polling place, the first stage of an election count.

Kenny Cail,


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Perhaps what is confusing in this is that Navajo County allows ay county voter to vote at any polling location anywhere in the county. If you live in Pinetop and are working in Kayenta on election day, you can vote in Kayenta as if you were home in Pinetop. Also if I am not mistaken, over 75% of the votes cast were by mail. What would the polling place be for those ballots? The ballots are not opened at the polling locations, they are opened and counted at election headquarters. There is no way to know election results at a specific polling location. Ballots are anonymous, there is no way to connect a specific ballot to a person or location. A further question, why would you need such specific information as to how a specific precinct voted?


In a recent Supreme Court case the state may outlaw "voting out of precinct" which is rare. If you would compare the 2014 voting to the current use of precincts you would see that both mail in ballots and same day voting were assigned to the polling place. This is done at all of the state counties since Arizona was a state in1912. Only a few counties decided to go to precincts, Navajo, being one of them. My question would be why would you not want to know how Show Low or Pinetop or Kayenta voted?


Sounds like you wish there were a problem where none exists.

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