I am shocked and dismayed by what is happening in our country right now. Did the President of the United States just retaliate against people that were subpoenaed to testify under oath during an inquiry? This is not OK!

We're not in some other corrupt country — this is the United States of America. We don't retaliate against people that we disagree with. This President is demanding loyalty to himself over loyalty to the country. We cannot allow this. I respectfully ask that Sen. McSally, Rep. O’Halleran and Sen. Sinema speak up against this dangerous act. We are blowing past terrifying boundaries that were set up to keep us from becoming a dictatorship. I am truly afraid for our country. As a registered voter and one a constituent in Arizona, I implore my elected officials to speak up for the soul of our democracy.

Judy Nelson,


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[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Good luck with McSally, she is just part of the negativity swallowing the country.... what was America is now becoming a part of Russia .. Thanks to the tRump followers. God Help Us all..


" We don't retaliate against people that we disagree with" Tell that to Nancy and her corrupt crew Judy! That is exactly what this whole three ring circus was, retaliating against Trump because they don't agree with him. Hypocritical much?

che guevara

Judy; America unfortunately suffers from acute multiple personality disorder , an affliction which has entirely warped how we view our place in the world , and how we expect other nations to view us . A good hard look at America's horrific foreign policy will illustrate this psychosis , as America does indeed retaliate against those whom it disagrees with , and often with extremely devastating consequences . Hiroshima , Nagasaki , Baghdad , Tripoli , to name just a few ..... and on and on the list goes despite the humanitarian propaganda fervently force fed to the public . Economic sanctions are also an act of aggression and war , as innocent men , women and children are targeted so that they can intentionally be starved and deprived of other such essentials as medicine , potable water and energy sources . All of this is in stark violation of international law and represents terrorism in it's highest form . No nation or person is safe .

As regards our " Democracy " , Judy , that concept went over the precipice of history in 1963 with the assassination of JFK , which firmly enthroned the military - industrial complex as America's masters . The rest is truly a national tragedy , and Donald Trump is simply the latest stooge from a long line of stooges leading America to perdition . Such is the nature of empire building . Some 2700 years ago Socrates , and even earlier , Plato , clearly defined the framework of what Demo - Cracy was , and more so , what it should aspire towards . Demos = Mob and Cracy = Rule ; therefore , Democracy in the literal translation is Mob Rule . However , within the context of a civilized people and a civilized society this is more correctly viewed as being Majority Rule. Sadly , we only have the illusion of majority rule aka Democracy. So then Judy , try not to be so disheartened , as this dynamic of deterioration is inevitable with every single empire throughout history .

Read : The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire . by Edward Gibbon ( ISBN 0-14-043764-9 )


Che, we are not a democracy - we are a representative republic - big difference!

The constitution is working just as the founding fathers designed. No one branch of government can run roughshod over another. And that is where most of our problems are to day. Each branch is overstepping their boundaries trying to do things that are not within their realm of responsibility. Judicial is trying to legislate from the bench. Executive is trying to impose regulations and orders outside the scope of his powers. Congress is trying to interpret and enforce laws and regulations. Then they all get nasty and childish, calling names and throwing insults, when they don't get their way. Yes, it's frustrating, there is very little being accomplished, but at least it's working.


I highly recommend everyone on this thread to read 'Democracy in Chains' by Nancy MacLean, for a thorough, and thoroughly frightening, look at where we are and how we got here.


Che, you might not remember but I said there was a whirlwind of darkness coming when tRump was running for the throne.. It's here..

Good luck and I always appreciate your views..

Thank you!


"PRESIDENT'S BEHAVIOR IS NOT OKAY"? Further proof that he truly is "THE GREAT DECEIVER".


President Trump is awesome!


IMPOTUS ( Impeached President of the United States )

che guevara

ppetersen55 ; More than anything else America is an oligarchy , where the relationship between the governing body complete with the recognized branches of government ( including the mainstream media ) performs a sultry tango with the corporate and ruling elite , while sidestepping the Constitution when their interests are at stake . We have neither a Democracy , nor a " representative republic " , and efforts to perpetuate this facade is what the dance of politics is all about . Democracy however is the term bandied about that seems to resonate with the public at large , as when George Bush Jr. proclaimed that he wanted to bring Democracy to the people of Iraq . Well , 17 brutal years later , and over one million innocent dead Iraqis later , I wonder how they are enjoying their " Democracy " . Much the same can be said for Libya , and the list goes on ad nausea . Furthermore , if you were to ask the average American what system of governance we have , you would get that typical vacant look and the predictable response of " a Dumocracy " .

Moreover , the Constitution as it was originally designed allowed for alterations / amendments to it's interpretation as the founding fathers understood that they themselves were human , and therefore bound to make mistakes , as this document was the biggest social experiment since the Magna Carta . Now then , as regards interpretation , this opens up a floodgate of dangers as political agendas and motives do not often align with public interests or benefit . For example , at this time the First and Second Amendments are under attack from both sides of the political aisle . The endless wars which have become America's contribution to world peace are not at all supported by the majority of Americans , yet the majority wish remains unrepresented , while voices of peace and reason are denounced and silenced . This for example is why Tulsi Gabbard's presidential campaign was destroyed by the Deep State with it's political and media lackeys .

I might also point out that the textbook definition of Fascism , taken directly from the mouth of Benito Mussolini himself states that ; when the interests of big government and big business are one-and-the-same , you then have Fascism . In short ; the alignment of bureaucracy + corporatocracy = kleptocracy . Do the 2008 Wall Street bail - outs come to mind ? A heist that did not represent the wishes of the American people , and which was forced at the American people's expense , and which benefited a very few select elite / corporate entities--- while not at all solving the problems which will result in an even bigger financial tsunami . Corporate welfare , tax breaks for the wealthiest , endless wars , and an economy designed to stifle and strangle the working class while engorging the top 1% does not exemplify any sort of a representative republic in my view , but rather falls squarely into Mussolini's definition of Fascism .

In any case Mr. Petersen , I do understand the point that you were making . I just happen to have an entirely different take on the matter .

che guevara

Sensible ; You do indeed live up to your nome de plume . As they say ; it is always darkest before things go pitch black . Of course , with co - presidents Kushner and Princess Ivanka at the helm , and their recent " Deal of the Century " , what on earth else could possibly go wrong ? Now , just wait until the third construction of Solomon's Temple begins ....... any guess as to who will be placing the cornerstone ?


Well put, guys. My dictionary defines a republic as “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” This means that our constitution establishes a ‘Democratic’ Republic as the intended form of government in the USA. That instrumentation is egalitarian in motive but only hopeful in execution because successful maintenance of the principle requires both an informed and an engaged electorate, both of which I suggest are wanting within our polity.

It is a mistake, however, to suppose that the enemy of democracy is Fascism (now firmly entrenched by the Trump backers) because that is only the form and not the substance of the problem. No, the continuous war on democracy is waged in the economic realm with the forces of Capitalism arrayed most powerfully against a democratic regime, which Capitalists hate. Remember that pre-colonial England was defined by the hatred of the ruling class (the rentiers) for the poor and helpless. This English tradition carried forward into America by creating vast landed estates for European elites, and the implementation of slavery which constitutes the ultimate achievement of Capitalism. The hereditary aristocracy of pre-colonial Europe, and their degenerate socio-economic practices, was simply carried forward to the New World.

This war is perpetual and must be fought on all fronts, forever. Recall that the rentiers of the gilded era achieved great successes in their drive to extinguish democracy in order to perpetuate a form of government where they controlled everything of economic interest to themselves. Thus, we now have a political system of oligarchy, and an economic system of plutocracy, both deploying Fascist principles of government/economic integration, while driving consistently toward oligopoly as the form of economic organization. One powerful manifestation of this is the nearly universal denigration of public will by the congress, and other elected bodies, which cannot occur under a fully-fledged Democratic Republic but only under some form of authoritarianism in concert with irresistible economic power.

This decades-long conquest of democracy now reaches its culmination with the rule of the Trumpistas, which now must be considered permanent. It is clear that Trump and his entourage are laying the predicate for a declaration of electoral fraud in November and the indefinite postponement of another election. The seizure of power will be complete.


Job rate is the lowest it's been, economy is great, ILLEGAL immigration is being taken care of and addressed, Pelosi is throwing a fit like a little baby and Democrats are still whining that Hillary didn't win the election. Sounds like a great reason to re-elect Trump in 2020.


Interesting that the unemployment rate when Obama took office was 9.9% and when he left office it was 4.7%. That is a drop of 5.2% during the Obama years. Trump inherited a 4.7% rate from Obama and has brought it down to 3.2%. That is a drop of 1.5% under trump policies, which is 3.7% less than President Obama.


Job gains under Obama: 2014=251,000, 2015=227,000, 2016= 193,000 for a total of 671,000 jobs created in his last 3 years. Job gains under Trump: 2017=179,000, 2018=225,000 2019=165,000 for a total of 569,000 jobs created in his first 3 years. Obama created 102,000 more jobs.


Best GDP for President Obama was 2015- 2.9% . Best GDP for Trump was 2018-2.9%


Stock market went up 46% under President Obama, under Trump it has gone up 25%


Americans lacking health insurance coverage: 2010= 48.2 million to the end of Obama's term in 2016=28.2 million, a decrease of 20 million uninsured Americans. Under Trump, Americans lacking health insurance in 2017= 28.9 million to 2018 = 30.1 million, an increase of 1.2 million without health insurance.

Of course, the one place where Trump has beaten Obama by a long count is in the number and costs of golfing trips.


Che: I think that because tRump has declared himself to be the "savior" I would assume it would be one of his kids or in laws or likely himself to attempt to build a so called temple.. however humanity needs no temples or devotion to the rump because we are ALL the temples of God and maybe someday man will wake up and start behaving as the Creator desires.. (don't know where my first response is so here is another to your question..

Have great day!!


Jordan: I cannot by any calculus whatsoever determine that the economy is good under Trump or Obama or anyone else as far back as 1960. That is not to say that the economy has ever been excellent because it has not. At least during the 1940’s and 50’s we had an economy that was moving toward excellence, but the declining state of our national economy since then has been one of the most tragic phenomena in our history.

I say this because there has never been a rational set of criteria developed by which we could actually evaluate the economy in human terms. The failed measure of GDP growth considers only the size of the economy and the size of the annual growth. The only acceptable indicators of the excellence of the economy consist of how equably the GDP is distributed and the degree to which real wages provide a rising standard of living for most Americans.

Unfortunately, neither of these things has happened. Last year, the Congressional

Research Service published the following summary from their report: “Real wages rose at the top of the distribution, whereas wages stagnated or fell at the middle and bottom”, from 1979 to 2018, thus indicating that there was no improvement in the standard of living for nearly all of the American population. This dystopian pattern of economic distribution is accelerating rather than slowing down.

In addition, the report also revealed a major disparity between the less educated part of the workforce and those with higher education; yet, our government continues to resist extending no-cost higher education to the American people. At one time, the American workforce was inadequately educated to meet competition in the modern world. Our answer was to increase no-cost education through high school and the effect was dramatically positive. We now must increase that to include the educational demands of the technical world now emerging. We must also ensure that the GDP is distributed far more evenly than is now the case.

These needs create a true dilemma for us. On the one hand it seems necessary to increase GDP to accommodate the increasing number of workers coming on line every year, due to over population. On the other, the bulk of our national (and global) output is carbon-fueled and driving the rapid pace of global warming. The inevitable end result of perpetual growth is the destruction of the planet. We must therefore not only distribute GDP better but must also stop the run-away population growth and decarbonize the global economy before one or more feed-back loops in the carbon cycle turns non-linear and we can thereafter do nothing.


Vote RED in 2020


Understanding Democrat Terms:

Democratic Socialism = Socialism

Toxic Masculinity = Straight White Male

Political Correctness = Controlling Speech

Assault Weapon = Any Gun

Identify as = Pretending to be

Pro Choice = Legalized Murder

Undocumented = Illegal or New Voter

News Reporting = Liberal Talking Points

Climate Change = Another Tax Opportunity

Inequality = Your money should be theirs


How sad it must be believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you, while a reality-TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.


Love it!


Republican Idol Trump:

The "Billionaire" who hides his tax returns.....The "Genius" who hides his college grades......The "Businessman" who bankrupts casinos...... The "Playboy" who has to pay for sex......The "Philanthropist" who defrauds charities........The "Patriot" who dodged the draft 5 times.....The "Innocent Man" who won't testify


Throw the yellow dog out!


Democrats are afraid that American Voters are going to Interfere in the 2020 elections.

Keep up the good job Mr. President!


Hummm Russ, American voters are suppose to interfere in American elections...by campaigning and voting, that is part of the constitutional American electoral process. What is not constitutional and is against the law is for Trump and his lapdogs to ask the Russians and other authoritarian countries to interfere in our American elections in their behalf.

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