This is written to express my support for Proposition 421. Navajo County is experiencing the loss of some very important, and long standing, employers. The result is a loss of property tax revenue that will have terrible consequences for Navajo County's public safety budget.

Proposition 420 is a sensible, cost-effective response to the problem and will protect and preserve public safety in Navajo County.

I don't like taxes in any form, but the 1/3 of a penny increase that it calls for will keep more deputies on patrol, maintain 911 response times at current levels, and keep the county from pushing jail fees off on towns and cities.

The last thing we need in Navajo County is for crime to increase. That would hurt our families, our home values and our children's futures. I think one-third of a cent on a dollar is a small price to pay to keep this community the place we all love and enjoy.

I respectfully but sincerely recommend a YES on Proposition 421.

Stephen Brophy

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Navajo County the second longest county in the US. However only a portion of the county if this passes will have the tax enforced. Why does the rest of the county not pay this. If Navajo County could have full property taxes paid in all of the county, by chance the county would not be in this mess. Time to seriously look at breaking up the county and let the non tax paying portion stop milking our taxes and services that the taxable portion pays.

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