I was recently stopped by the Show Low Police who hang out by 260 and the Deuce of Clubs every day and every night when I got in my truck I was on my way to Safeway and I exceeded the limit by 12 mph and they stopped me.

They gave me a warning and then arrested me for DUI.

I was handcuffed and taken to jail and handcuffed to a bench for three hours because I refused to give them my blood because I felt that what they did was malicious. They yelled at me and told me that I can use the Internet to find my lawyer.

I left my phone at home with my lawyers name on it and he kept yelling at me you have five more minutes.

Then I was re-chained back to a bench and I waited for three hours because they had to get a subpoena. He came back later with the subpoena and told me he can make the numbers look whatever he wanted them to look like. That to me seem like I had no rights.

When they finally took me to Summit Hospital a nurse through my blood and I asked for a private sample and she refused. When I asked him if I could have one he said no. So I did not have a private sample to bring to my lawyer.

He then ignored me when I asked him who is handling the blood.

Finally he said he was. I said that is not lawful you should not be handling evidence. And he asked me don’t you trust your police force? I responded absolutely not I don’t trust you.

I don’t know what other system allows people trying to prosecute you to handle the evidence. After they forced me to give my blood I had to go back to the police car and I asked him to take me somewhere where I could get an independent blood sample he got really upset should me back to Summit and said get out find your own ride.

I went into the hospital and I asked for a private blood sample and they refused.

Nobody else was open to help me I told him I had a right to get my own private blood sample the hospital admission gentleman on Friday that day said they could admit me but the doctor would probably not help me. When I asked him to put that down in writing he refused.

They then told me to get out and get a ride and go home. That was Summit Hospital. I plead we need to start a citizens group to stop them or they will.

Mike Donohue,

Show Low

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Moral of the story is Do Not Speed. Problem would have never happened.


I trust the Police. I believe that you "felt violated" and I also believe you are NOT stating the truth. Let the justice system play out dude. The cops are not the judge nor jury; you will have your day in court. That's how it works!


I find it hard to believe that they arrested you for a DUI if you were not somehow impaired. So next time don't speed and drive drunk and you never have to deal with the police again.


If you started your story with, "I was on my way to church". It would have been more believable.


To give us the rest of the story, please write a letter updating WMI readers with your lab results.


Just like in Shawshank Redemption: "Everybody in here is innocent. Didn't you know that?"

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