A thought and a question or two.

There is a big push to get everyone vaccinated but if I'm vaccinated and you are not how can I get COVID-19 from you? How does that work or doesn't the vaccine work as well as we are told that it does? Do we have to keep getting booster shots forever?

And why is it that all the people who are crossing our southern border and being flown in from Afghanistan don't have to get the vaccine? Some simple questions that deserve an answer.

John Ebert,



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All very good questions John. I would like some of the "regulars" who post comments here answer them for you.


Great questions for sure, unfortunately we will never get an answer as it is a question that gets skirted each time it is brought up. We see it over and over again! Ignore Ignore Ignore!!!


I am vaccinated which provides me with close to absolute immunity, but not quite. A handful of vaccinated people can still acquire COVID by means of a breakthrough infection. In that case, however, the severity is much less, and hospitalization is rare and death rarer. This does not in any way compromise what scientists are telling us about the efficacy of the vaccine. It now appears that COVID will be endemic far into the future just as seasonal flu is endemic and will probably require annual shots in order to minimize infections. The studies are not all in on that matter.

This according to the CDC “Although refugees are not required to have vaccinations before arrival in the United States, CDC, in collaboration with the Department of State, developed a Vaccination Program for U.S.-bound Refugees, which started in 2013 and is in the process of expansion. The program is implemented by the International Organization for Migration, and other international partners.”

WUSA9 reports “Our research shows the (Afghan) refugees are being screened and vaccinated against COVID-19 and other diseases.”

From business insider “ * * * a mass COVID-19 vaccination site has been set up near Dulles International Airport in Virginia, where the majority of fleeing Afghans have started to arrive in the US. The site was organized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has already begun administering vaccinations to the evacuees.”

The Clarion Ledger says, “All Afghan evacuees over the age of 12 will be required to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering the country.”


What about all the Haitians are they vaccinated before transporting to the interior of the US? Psaki says not because they don't plan to stay here. Is this a stop on their to the closed Canadian border or a vacation stay??


Hey republicans, it really is time for you to "STOP THE STUPID".


Pioneerfamily. I concur. This is beyond stupid now. It's getting reeeeel old.

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