Replace the hate

If you have a violent image or angry sticker on your vehicle, my question is: Why? In these days of hateful voices, why add to the rhetoric? It doesn’t solve anything, it merely serves to amp up the tension, making the world a darker place.

This “us versus them” mentality only serves to further divide this country, to weaken it, making it vulnerable to foreign agents who seek to destroy us. You are aiding and abetting them with your messages.

And for those longing for a civil war, please spend a couple weeks in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, or Yemen to get an up-close view of what that really looks like. If you think it would end up otherwise here, you are sorely mistaken.

Our only way through is with kindness. Try to make people smile instead of scowl, encourage thoughtfulness and compassion, recognize our common humanity, and consciously commit to holding our community together instead of tearing it apart.

Replace the hate.

Lorinda Paca,


Bearing False Witness To

How does it feel knowing that the corporate media along with Democrat politicians have lied to you for four years?

The Russian Hoax (a.k.a. RussiaGate), that was kept alive on the news channels for four years and that led to Trump’s first impeachment, was started and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. There have been multiple criminal subpoenas issued for lying to the FBI for people that worked for Hillary and the DNC. Those lies led to more bogus lies and before we all knew it, corporate media, except for Fox News, reported the lies as facts. Journalists were given awards for their stories and coverage of a big lie!

Most recently the same media and politicians continue to lie about Kyle Rittenhouse and the facts of the trial. They claim he is a “white supremacist” with zero evidence presented in the trial. If you believe he is it’s because of a picture he took with the “OK” sign; let me remind you that Joe Biden flashes the same sign, along with millions of other people. They claim he took an AR-15 across state lines, which again the facts in the case showed the gun was in Kenosha, at his friend’s house. They claim he shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Again, he was asked by the owners of the used car lot to protect the property. If you are interested in watching the trial for yourself, I encourage you to look up various YouTube channels of criminal lawyers that gave real-time analysis as the trial was going on, such as Reikta Law. Unbelievable and unethical coverage by the corporate media and lying politicians spreading hate about this case of clear cut self defense.

We the People cannot turn on the corporate news and expect true and unbiased reporting any longer! Sorry to say but Trump was right, corporate media is fake news!

Now… think about their COVID-19 coverage and their fear-based reporting, horse dewormer lies, false reporting of scientific data, and misleading the public on cases and death counts and what it has done to our society.

Corporate media is the enemy of the people. Lying politicians are the enemy of the people. People that blindly follow the corporate media and support tyranny and fascist government are also enemy of the people. We the People have a duty to stop tyranny and it starts with turning off the corporate media and voting out ALL incumbents that support unconstitutional mandates.

What good do the media and lying politicians serve in this great country when they bear false witness time and time again and stoke the flames of hatred in this country?

Terry Shepard,



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Bob Smith

"Corporate media" says the pot to the kettle! Until he split up his empire Rupert Murdoch's NEWSCORP was the largest media entity on earth (Fox News being the headliner.) Everything you see on TV is content created and paid for by corporate interests including the so-called conservative media. The author sounds like someone who gets their view of the world injected every morning by a TV or smartphone...what a waste.


Replace the hate. Very well said. Thank you.

I Always Vote

Mr. Shepard, you are right in one respect: more often than not our news is shaded by the interests of the corporations that own the networks and newspapers. Where we disagree is in putting the blame all on one side, the "liberals" and Democrats. If that were so, why have so many lawsuits brought on the bases of questionable positions touted by conservative media been thrown out by the courts - including courts stocked by Trump appointed judges? Our best hope for truth is to look around at ALL the facts and use our common sense, not just jump on one-sided propaganda bandwagons.


What lawsuits are you referring to?

It's quite easy and correct to put the blame on one side. Out of all the media in the United States Trump had one, fox news. And that was often on a part time basis. The entire media establishment and democrat party attacked him mercilessly and with outright hatred. The lies and vitriol never stopped for 3 years and they still haven't. Hillery was the mastermind behind the plot to tie Trump to Russia with the Steele dossier. Her criminality and contempt tore this country apart over total and complete fabrications. I haven't heard one Democrat apologize to the American people for what their candidate did to this country and the sitting president. Compromising and corrupting the FBI, Justice, and the FISA courts. Illegally spying on their political opponent, and spying on a sitting President of the United States. I guess democrats just can't accept the will of the people. This is real close to treason.


You talk about the will of the people. In 2016 almost 3 million more people voted for Hillary than DJT. In 2020, about 7 million more voted for Biden then DJT. That sounds to me like the people have spoken. He LOST! Get over it!


No vetted citations for theses claims which are therefore just propaganda. If there is proof of theses assertions against the media and Clinton, post it. Thought not.

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