I am responding to the Opinion letter, “Liberty has never existed for people of color” by Dr. Gregory Jarrin, published Sept. 11.

Dr. Jarrin wrote that “It is specifically Donald J. Trump who has done his best to bring white supremacists, the alt right, and even the KKK into his fold.”

Is he referring to Trump’s so-called association with the KKK endorsement? President Trump disavowed David Duke’s endorsement.

Can he explain how President Trump does not follow the constitution or break the rule of law with actual facts?

Can he explain how he takes money from the military to build the border wall? President Trump has increased funding for the military—not decreased. As one might know, walls or fences do make countries safer — look at the countries that have walls or fences including India, Bangladesh, China, North Korea, Brunei, Malaysia, Argentina and Paraguay, to name a few. About 70 other countries do the same. Walls work.

There is absolutely no proof that Russia interfered in our elections — that was debunked more than once.

What I’m most confused about is his writing that liberty has never existed for people of color. Having a president of color who served two terms, and a current woman of color running for office, I fail to see where liberty has never existed for people of color. The appointment of Dr. Ben Carson, a highly regarded man of color as Secretary of HUD, demonstrates President Trump’s commitment of liberty for all Americans to choose quality housing.

I served in Vietnam with black sailors; upon my return, I attended college with black students; I later taught with black teachers in public schools; I also worked with many people of color who served as Direct Care Workers in foster care. The thing I experienced was that liberty exists for people of color because we were and are all paid on the same scale or offered advancement with the same opportunities. We were free to pursue our careers.

If Vice President Biden becomes president, he will continue his role in supporting abortion — the greatest issue for our country. As a medical doctor, I’m surprised that Dr. Jarrin supports a candidate whose party is clearly supporting abortion — the greatest threat to people of color.

Thank you.


Howard Smith,

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Yes Howard, everything you wrote.

Also, Trump just rolled out the Platinum Plan. The 500 billion dollar plan for the black community, which also designates the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations.

Jarrin’s letter was ridiculous to say the least.

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