First of all Eric Kramer doesn’t tell your readers whom he is! He is the Socialist Chairman of the Socialist Democratic Party of Navajo County. 

The Left like Mr. Kramer are the ones that have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Mr. Kramer calls Trumpers a cult. It’s not a cult to love your country, it’s not a cult to want to work, it’s not a cult to have a smaller government, it’s not a cult to not to pay for those whom want everything for FREE, and it’s not a cult to have freedom unlike socialists like you whom want to have control over the people and tell them how to live.

For Mr. Kramer’s information, most Trumpers are veterans, law enforcement Officers, EMP, citizens of local and state government. Mr. Kramer is a socialist and they do not believe in the Constitution.

Mr. Kramer talks about Sean Hannity, this is interesting, thought Socialist do not listen to Hannity.

Mr. Kramer talks about religion. Socialist folks like Kramer are believers of atheism and have no knowledge of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Trumpers tell the truth, and expose both sides, the Socialists like Mr. Kramer does not want to hear the truth.

Mr. Kramer needs to go to the Border and he’ll discover that the Wall is being built.

Mr. Kramer we are in the Trump Economy everybody can make their payments unless you’re a non-working socialist.

As to Putin and Kim Jong-un were not their friends, you're naive to believe so.

Everybody is benefiting from Trumps tax cuts, look at all of the new cars and campers and growth going on.

You should be happy about Fox News, they moving towards the left like you.

Newsflash Mr. Kramer, we are the leader in the world, we lost it under Obama.

Trumpers are the normal people, we don’t go around burning buildings, cars and destroy cities, blocking older folks from crossing the street, and spilling hate speech, protest with masks on like the left does.

Everybody is entitled to health care, if you can’t afford it and you get sick you can go to the emergency room for treatment. It’s been the law for decades. 

Steven Slaton

Elected PC, and Elected State Committeemen of Navajo County Republican Committee

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I realize that the chairman of the trump 2020 campaign would be pro-trump. But this whole throwing out the evil socialism rhetoric is ludicrous.

If you hate socialism, then you are obligated to stop using the socialist programs already in our society!

Examples of socialism in the USA:

Guaranteed public education

Public transportation

Fire departments

Police departments

Public libraries

Every branch of the US military

Roads & highways

Social Security


Public, not private prisons & jails

Public hospitals

The Veterans Affairs Administration

Public universities

Public parks

Public toilets

Public drinking fountains

Public parking

Public everything.

The most successful countries in the world are a blend of socialism/capitalism. Not one or the other, but a combination.

So please take your idiocy about the evils of socialism and peddle that to those gullible enough to fall for it!


This republican Trump county official is too dumb to know the difference between a social society and socialism.


Once again pxllr you confuse "social" programs with "socialism". They are not the same at all and that's what Kool Aid they want you to drink on the left. They act like they are the same so sheep like you will say, "Oh well that's just like what we have now...durp!" Let Websters explain it to you... Socialism:

any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property

b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state .

Now what you explain we have is Social programs:Social service program refers to a program administered by the federal, state, or local government using government funding designed to provide social services directed at reducing poverty, improving opportunities for low-income adults or children, self-sufficiency, rehabilitation, or other services ETC. ETC. You have had enough Kool Aid! Put the cup down!


John, please show me one single Democratic candidate that is or claims to be a pure Socialist! There is not a single one. Socialism is where everything is owned by the state. Sort of like the VA, where everyone from the janitor to the doctors to the head of the VA are all government employees, the VA facilities are all owned by the government. That is a pure form of Socialism in action. The US Military, likewise, even the Chaplin is a government employee and the chapel is government property. The Oligarchy in which we currently find ourselves is not viable! The disparity between the haves and the have nots is greater than what existed leading up to the French revolution.; The only reason there has not already been large scale revolts is due to even the poorest having their TV and phones. The current GOP goal appears to be specifically aimed at eliminating the poor and middle class by starving them and taking away their ability to survive. They work to privatize everything, inserting a profit making wedge in between every program and the person that is supposed to benefit from it! Every single one of those social programs were opposed by the conservatives.

It is you that needs to stop drinking the Koolaid!


Again and again and again and again....Whew!! Why doesn't WMI put up my post on this LTTE submitted on 10/18/2019?


Why don"t republican Fascist lapdogs ever list our social society's "Free" stuff that they would do away? Simple, republicans think the American people are stupid and can be swayed with a "code" word.

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