This is in reply to the letter by Tracy Lockheart of Oct. 5.

I read the sources that were quoted. The fist one that “proves” that vaccines are bad cites a study done on chickens, not ever using a primate. And in the study the authors wrote “human vaccines have apparently not caused an increase in virulence of their target pathogens.”

So considering the anatomy and physiology of a chicken, making the apples to apples comparison that Tracy makes about vaccines with the human condition seems a stretch. The authors certainly did not buy it. The next article supposedly “proves” that an infection will give you life time immunity. That sure would be news to anyone who has had two colds or got shingles or nay of the other diseases that you can get twice. From the article “But persistence of antibody production whether elicited by vaccination or by infection does NOT ensure lasting immunity.

My presumption is we will need a booster. And the persistence of antibody production was only tracked by a few months. The last article quoted is full of speculation. Even the author said it was a hypothesis and followed it with a question mark. They present no data or numbers and the criteria that they use for the speculation is very limited. I doubt if the criteria is met once a month across all of the U.S.

The articles were all informative, you should read them. And then read Tracy’s letter again. Very good lesson in how to read scientific papers.

P.S. The chicken study was done with a chicken virus, not COVID-19.

Bob Martin,

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