Response to Dr. Jarrin’s guest column regarding fear mongering.

The fear mongering, hatred and cancelling I see and hear comes from the Left, the Political Class, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and elitist.

Democrats just did not balk at the Defund the Police movement they provoked and participated in the movement. What happened at the Capitol should not have happened. The violence that happened across the nation in 2020 should not have happened. People were killed but where was the outcry from Hollywood? The Political Class? Police officers were vilified. Summer of love? That is a hard sell if it was your property that was vandalized or your loved one physically harmed.

Open your eyes as Cancel Culture is surrounding and choking us. Your app gets canceled as it does not meet the requirements of the liberals of Silicon Valley.

Your church service gets canceled but the In Group can have large gatherings. If you are a conservative Hollywood personality and dare to speak your show gets canceled. Your book will not get published despite having a signed, legal contract because you dare to perform your constitutional duties. Rioters can freely roam the streets raping, robbing, and destroying without fear of repercussions but you, as a legal U.S. citizen using your legally obtained firearm and constitutional rights cannot protect yourself. Why? Because they have been canceled.

If you are White, be careful as you are in the process of being canceled. The only thing our new leaders will keep intact is our dependence and surrender to China as Dear Leader Biden cancels the Keystone pipeline project throwing thousands out of work. AOC, the squad, along with members of Congress are calling for the names of President Trump’s staff and supporters to be recorded and sent to re-education camps. Guess what? You have been canceled along with Trump’s entire presidency.

The money you earned and saved after years of working will be cancelled too as higher taxes, equity requirements and various forms of redistribution of wealth rears its ugly head. Biden did not win the election but more liked placed in the presidency as the process was so manipulated that it will be forever changed for the worse. Yes Dr. Jarrin, you, Antifa, BLM, Hollywood, the Political Class are hell bent on cancelling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Judy Sanchez,

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Wow - the brain washing Trump and Fox news machine works!


Judy!!! You can thank tRUMP for not letting the people know about Covid 19 and all the deaths from it.


Another "Q-Trumplican". Curious as to where you get your information. I don't think the source(s) would be a surprise.


...but you have no problem with Trump and his Sedition Caucus trying to "cancel" the votes of tens of millions of Americans? What crass hypocrisy!


Judy, well said. We are the majority. 74+ million strong valid legal voters. Watch it be torn apart for the next 4 years.


Sorry Russ, Trump lost the popular vote for the second time. This election cycle Biden beat Trump with over 86 million proven legal popular votes. Biden also beat Trump and won the election by a Landslide of electoral votes. That makes us the majority.

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