I want to thank the AG's office and Alice Franco for defending the right of the citizens of Taylor, Arizona in regards to the open meeting law process they violated.

I was in attendance at this meeting and the Taylor City Council treated those in attendance of the meeting so rude it was shocking to me. The rights of the citizens was denied them. The rights of the citizens who took an interest in local government and the time to attend this meeting should have been welcomed and questions and statements weighed in the council's decision to purchase land for the proposed benefit of the citizens at a very high fee.

No elected political council is above the laws they are elected by the people in governing the rights of their citizens. No one is above the law, right is right and wrong is wrong.

Velma Perkins,


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What is the purpose of this bridge to nowhere? Something is just not right here.

Bob Smith

To enrich the sellers...follow the money!

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