I appreciate the paper printing and addressing both sides of the RV Park - Camp Tatiyee Parcel Rezoning issue. I think that you have been fair in your explanations of what it entails. I just wish that the citizens that are against the RV Park would understand that there are a lot of families that like to travel and adventure with their children.

It is nearly impossible to find an RV park that accepts families. Most of the parks up here on the mountain are 55+, giving families literally no options as far as places that they can stay while traveling in their RV's. I think that people get a certain idea about the type of person that an RV Park attracts, and I think that in most cases, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are plenty of good, law abiding, adventurous families that would like to go on said adventures with their children. My family is one of them! I would love it if there was a family RV Park here on the mountain that we could utilize! I have stayed in a family park in another area of Arizona and had wonderful experiences there. We met plenty of like minded families that enjoy travel and are just wanting to provide fun family experiences for their children. There is no such place on the mountain and I think that this RV Park would be a wonderful addition to the community, and such a precious gift to those that travel with children.

I know that there has been a lot of residents against this, as well as the camp that is located right next to the proposed RV Park. I think that a lot of this has to do with assumptions about the type of people this will attract. I can tell you, from experience, the type of people and families that this will attract. And I assure you, that there is nothing to fear. I hope that people will research both sides of this issue before voting, and at least have an open mind about what a great place this could be for families, as well as the draw of tourism for the community.

Thank you,

Lacey Richards

White Mountain Lake

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It is sad but our community has put up with extreme disrespect for what we have. This is our home and we could lose everything in a wildfire because our government doesn't care about us. This is not a good time to expect accommodations for your recreation.

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