I am writing to you regarding the homeless shelter.

I am not a resident of the neighborhood but my husband does work for UPS which is located across the street from the property they are wanting to rezone. My issue is if you drive down that road any day during the week you will see about 30 vehicles parked on the road. These all belong to the employees of UPS. While they are out working hard delivering packages their cars sit there.

I for one wouldn’t trust someone to be so desperate and damage a car or break into one. What if said “homeless person” couldn’t get into your facility? Maybe they could find somewhere to hangout and wait … in one of the cars or trucks that are unattended. I don’t want my husband in danger when he gets through with a 10-14 hour shift.

Erin Aksamit,

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Debra Gibson

So homeless people equals dangerous? That is so prejudicial it's unbelievable. Not to mention just plain un-Christian. "There but for the grace of God go I"


That area is already dicey. I'd rather vagrants have a safe place to go. Invest in auto security and bear mace? Just sayin.



Your supposition that your husband, or his vehicle would be in danger is without foundation. Your assertion is prepositioned with an unfounded belief that those persons transitionally assisted are criminal. There is no record of such nefarious acts in the current Homeless Coalition location in Pinetop/Lakeside. I ask you, please provide any fact to support your belief.

Further to your concern, the vacant building the Coalition for Homeless would like to restore and remodel will only enhance the security, safety and value of the community. The building is currently an “attractive nuisance” for the criminal element. Obviously, occupation and use of the building will mitigate this attraction to those that would do damage to your husband, or vehicle.


Generally, if you don't want your vehicle to get broken into you take preventative actions such as not leaving things of value in sight or investing in security alarms. How insensitive of you to assume because one is homeless they are a thief or criminal. Does that also lead you to believe that those who have homes to go to are outstanding citizens that would never steal? Homelessness is a problem in our community and I'm glad to see our town stepping into action with acts of humanity and compassion

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