I support the proposed jail district.

The one-third cent sales tax is to be used to offset the sales tax loss from the NGS power plant closure. A sales tax is the most equitable way to help shoulder the cost of running the Navajo County jail. The sales tax will be paid by all, including visitors to our area.

The funds raised by the jail district tax will be used to run the jail. This will free up the money currently used for the jail and allow the other county departments to maintain the level of services currently provided. These services include special courts to help those addicted to drugs and our veterans struggling with their re-entry to civilian life.

By having these replacement funds, the County Treasurer’s office will be able maintain their current level of service. Without the jail district, property taxpayers, schools and special districts will feel the impact. With the loss of staff, taxpayers will experience a delay in receiving requested information (i.e. copies of bills, proof of payment and research requests).

At times, calls placed to the office will experience longer wait times and may even be directed to the office voicemail. Tax payment posting and distribution, depending on the time of year, will take two to six weeks longer to accomplish. This delay will cost school districts funds they need for their maintenance and operations. These funds pay teachers. If the collected taxes are not posted in a timely manner, the school must borrow money and pay thousands of dollars in interest fees for the loan. Delayed payment posting may also impact fire, road, water and sewer districts that count on their property tax revenue for their day to day operations.

I will be voting YES on Proposition 421 and I hope that you will too.

Debra Kester,

Navajo County

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jim beck

Navajo County Supervisors annual salary is $85,136. Finance Director = $85,000. Chief Probation Officer = $89,016. Has the county streamllned its budget down to the bare minimum? You decide.


Jim: In a market economy, do not such salaries depend on market prices? Here in the valley, the salary range for a financial officer runs from about $135K-$350K. Might not $85K actually be a bargain? If the salary were lowered, how would that affect the ability of the county to attract highly qualified people to serve? I understand full well that compensation constitutes the fastest dollar savings available; however, it also constitutes the greatest decline in services. What do you think?


Reading this, did I smell the foul odor of public employees threatening a work slow down if “their” salary and benefit money is not forthcoming?

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