Is the circus missing some clowns? There were 10 of them on television pretending to be the Democratic (socialist) presidential candidates during a recent debate.

Different faces, different voices, different words, but no different from Hillary Clinton calling me a deplorable. They won't get my vote.

Judy Sanchez

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better to have clowns then the demons we have now.


Just another "Trumpanzee" that tweets from the bathroom.


Yes, the circus is missing the main clown, the great, orange Cheeto is on the loose - still - but that should change after his admitted treason for personal gain. Lock Him Up.


In my lifetime there have only been two presidents who went against the wishes of the military/ intelligence industrial complex. These two wanted to stop useless foreign, undeclared wars. The first one, Kennedy was killed by the CIA/mafia. The CIA is now taking down Trump.


1. de-plor-u-bull: deserving strong condemnation, disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy, shabby, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable, reprehensible, despicable, abominable, base, sordid, vile, hateful, contemptible, loathsome, offensive, execrable, heinous, odious, revolting, unspeakable, beyond contempt, egregious, flagitious, lamentable, regrettable, grievous, unfortunate, wretched, dire, atrocious, abysmal, very bad, awful, terrible, dreadful, aaaaaaaand, too dumb to know that there is not one, socialist policy proposal among all candidates.




Unfortunately, ignorant republicans who have no idea of what "socialism" is, are also the deplorable ones that support the dismantling of our Constitution by the unpatriotic, treasonous,self admitted sexual predator Cheeto man Trump. According to the republican party, these are some of the "socialist" programs that should be done away: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, G.I Bill, Veteran's Administration, Public Education, Obamacare, Banking regulations, the U.S. military services, plus any other government run programs that are legislated to help and protect the citizenry. What the republican party wants is to replace our democratic-republic with "Fascism"....... rule by the corporations and the rich.


ahaha look at all the libtards come out of the closet LOL

They support the following:

A disparaging foreign policy

Huge cuts to defense spending

Green New Deal for the human caused climate change hoax. (eat more babies)

Open borders, abolishing ICE and E-Verify

Free college (somebody has to pay)

Free healthcare (see above)

Changes to democracy - abolish electoral college, rewriting the Constitution

Killing the unborn up to full term

Supporting gay, transgender, pedophile rights

Continue to remove God from our country.

And finally, the only thing the Demonrats can do is continue the evil onslaught of attacks on our President. They tried it with a Russia hoax, couldn't keep Trumps pick for SCOTUS from being appointed, now a soon to be failed impeachment. They hate him because he exposes them!

They cannot beat him in the election so they must attack him otherwise. The Democratic Party who defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history better buckle up for another Trump Term!

T R U M P 2020


Fun Facts!

1. Benghazi - no grand jury impaneled.

2. Clinton Foundation - no grand jury impaneled.

3. Uranium transfer to Russia for cash - no grand jury impaneled.

4. 30,000 emails deleted - no grand jury impaneled.

5. Billions in cash transferred to Iran - no grand jury impaneled.

6. Fast and Furious gun running scandal - no grand jury impaneled.

7. DNC insiders with a suicide epidemic (Hillicide) along with random murders - no grand jury impaneled.

8. DNC and media collusion during 2016 election campaign - no grand jury impaneled.

9. Abuse of spy agencies for political espionage - no grand jury impaneled.

10. Illegal unmasking of Americans - no grand jury impaneled.


Russ you need to see a doctor about the hatred in your heart and mind. Grow up!!


So funny how people think impeachment means Trump is fired, sorry but that's not what happens. He can still even run again if impeached, but I doubt that will even happen. The Demms are grasping at straws once again and not doing their actual job of serving the American people.


Let us just examine Russ' contention that liberals favour:

1. A disparaging foreign policy. COMMENT: "Disparaging" is defined as, "expressing the opinion that something is of little worth; derogatory." No liberal has expressed that policy proposal; however, it is a good approximation of Trump's foreign policy.

2. Huge cuts to defense spending. COMMENT: Speaking only for myself and as a professional military officer, I propose reductions in our national security spending of $30 blns per year, over the next ten years to reduce our role as global policeman and planetary hegemon, our permanent war economy, our perennial foreign government and regime changer, our meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, and our return to diplomacy as the dominant means of national security.

3. Green New Deal for the human caused climate change hoax. (eat more babies). COMMENT: As things now stand in science, only the most science-illiterate person believes that climate change is a hoax. I cannot fathom the "eat more babies" comment; thus ,no response. Baby sheep, perhaps?

4. Open borders, abolishing ICE and E-Verify. COMMENT: The NYT reports the open borders claim by Trump is false: "Democrats have argued that building a wall on the southwestern border is ineffective and a waste of resources, and rejected hard-line proposals to limit legal immigration. But Mr. Trump is grossly exaggerating Democrats’ positions when he conflates their opposition to his signature campaign promise and immigration priorities as “open borders.” And there is no evidence that they “want anybody,” including MS-13, to enter the United States freely. While criticizing Mr. Trump’s immigration policies, the Democratic National Committee has committed to improving border security."

5.Free college (somebody has to pay). COMMENT: No liberal has proposed this. The proposal is for tuition-free public colleges and universities (about three quarters of all college students). There are several well-structured proposals for paying for that. The return on educational investment is about 9% in America.

6.Free healthcare (see above). COMMENT: Dead wrong. Millions are already covered by Medicare which by law is paid for and cannot borrow. Slowly decreasing the illegibility age by ten year increments merely means doing more of the same, not something free.

7. Changes to democracy - abolish electoral college, rewriting the Constitution. COMMENT: The electoral college is the most anti-democratic institution we have. I favour its demise.

8. Killing the unborn up to full term. COMMENT: Wrong again. The latest Gallup poll reveals that 60% of Americans do not want Roe overturned and the same percentage are opposed to fetal-heartbeat laws. Among that group, 44% were Republicans, 60% were Independents and 78% were Dems.

9. Supporting gay, transgender, pedophile rights. COMMENT: A May 2018 Gallup poll found that 67% of Americans supported same-sex marriage, 31% opposed, and 2% had no opinion. An April 2018 NBC News poll found that 64% of Americans supported same-sex marriage, 33% opposed, and 3% had no opinion. In number seven, above, you defend democracy, but you trash democracy in this matter. Which is it? Please cite your source on liberal support for paedophilia. I can find none.

10. Continue to remove God from our country. COMMENT: Really? I thought your god was omnipotent. How could any humans remove Him from our country, His favorite fishing place or the Calgary Stampede, come to that? Would He not just smite them, hip and thigh, and go on about His business? "Harumph! Piffly humans! Not my best work."


My name says it all, we are infested with them. Trump 2020


Hummm, it's been five days since I submitted my post and it hasn't been put up.


Russ you really need to change your diapers!


The question arises, " Why would the Cheeto Trump who claims to be innocent of any wrong doings in the Mueller and in the Ukraine investigation not allow any officials from the executive branch that can exonerate him, answer any questions posed by congress? There is a method to Trump's madness and that is, Trump himself has said that he is above the law and can do anything he wants, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, without any consequences. Trump wants to be a King or perhaps a dictator and the only way to accomplish that is to make the Constitutional Checks and Balances irrelevant. That is what is going on currently. Unfortunately, the republican party also believes that the president is above the law.

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