Short term rentals are not ruining The Shores and Cove Neighborhood. The neighborhood is comprised of 188 homes and lots all in the setting of Rainbow Lake and beautiful wooded areas.

Approximately 75% of the homes are second homes and range in size from 1,600 to over 7,000 square feet. A typical owner only uses their property for personal use a few months a year; therefore, it makes sense to rent to other families to help cover a portion of the expense of ownership. One recent sale in The Shores was for $1,350,000 and many of the sales in the last year have been to former visitors of the neighborhood who were enamored with the lakefront mountain properties.

There are currently 15 homes which short-term rent to other families. The majority of renters are families that want to escape the heat of Phoenix and Tucson to the cool weather and serenity of Pinetop and The Shores. The maximum guest occupancy of any home is 13 (most limit to 10 or fewer guests).

While there may be a guest or owner that breaks a neighborhood rule, the people that visit are just like the owners who want to enjoy all the natural beauty of the lakeside community.

Because there is an HOA, the owners set rules and regulations for rentals to avoid problems that communities can have if they do not monitor their neighborhoods. The right to responsibly rent a property should not be taken away if guests agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the association.

The Shores and The Cove is a premiere neighborhood in Pinetop-Lakeside due to the the natural beauty of of the wooded lots, the well-maintained homes and the splendor of Rainbow Lake. It remains one of the best neighborhoods in Pinetop-Lakeside and allowing other families to enjoy the natural beauty of Rainbow Lake should not be restricted.

Albert Callie,


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Bob Smith

Mr. Callie from Tucson didn't offer a disclaimer here but a quick check on the Navajo County Assessor's site shows a large home on Rainbow Lake owned by someone by the same name from Tucson who rents the home for $450/night (according to VRBO.) That particular home is already booked every day from May 15th through the first week of September. 100 days at $450 / night = $45,000. Are this gentleman's priorities aligned with his neighbors or the small fortune he's going to collect this summer from short term renting his beautiful home? Always follow the money folks.


To find out how the rest of the members of the HOA feel, take a vote on this issue. HOA's can change rules and you knowingly bought into a neighborhood with an HOA; live with the vote or if you are unhappy with it then sell your property and move on.


I am on The Shores at Rainbow Lake HOA board of directors. The HOA is currently conducting a vote to restrict rentals to a minimum of 30 days. Albert Callie's lake-front rental is about 2,700 square feet and it is advertised as sleeping 16 people. It is typical for 3-4 families to share the $500 per night cost. The result is a party weekend that destroys the peacefulness of the community. 94% of the residents on Mr. Callie's street voted in a recent straw poll to restrict his rental to the 30 day minimum. When 94% of your neighbors want you to stop what you are doing, you should be able to understand that the behavior of these strangers is destroying the residents' enjoyment of their community. Multiply Mr. Callie's renters’ behavior by 15 and you have what used to be an elegant, private, peaceful, gated community becoming a resort destination for weekend partiers.

Short term rentals are a problem in every community in the White Mountains and most have either already passed a rental restriction amendment or are considering one. There is a sense of urgency in the Shores because houses are being snapped up as soon as they are listed and are listed on VRBO and AirBNB within weeks after escrow closes. In a typical year in The Shores, 1-2 houses or lots may sell. This year 8 houses and 7 lots sold. 6 of the 8 houses sold became short term rentals. One more year like that and the Shores will be changed forever. Now is the community's chance to end the short term rental problem by restricting rentals to at least 30 days.

Albert Callie

My property has always been a maximum of 10 people and most of my renters have been coming for years.

It has been listed at $450 per night over the last several years.

There are 19 lots on my street 6/19 did not vote for rental restrictions in the straw poll which means 68.4% voted for the restriction, not 94%

My house has never been rented out for a party and always has been rented to families. During the summer when I am not there I rent in blocks of 1 week or longer

2 of my renters have bought homes in The Shores and they do not rent

My home I sold in 2019 was sold to a family that does not rent

Please do not post post untruths to make rentals look bad to serve your purpose of banning short-term rentals


No one has to post untruths to make short term rentals look bad.

You only need to search online to see that there are similar issues everywhere, causing problems for neighbors and disrupting entire neighborhoods/cities; Sedona, Scottsdale and Phoenix. They can't all be lying. Your anger may be directed at the wrong people.

Since passage of SB1350 eliminated all local regulations, short term rentals have created real problems in numerous residential neighborhoods, including The Shores. The constant turnover and lack of onsite supervision creates an unmanageable situation. So even if rental owners have good intentions, the situation is that they can't really control who or how many people are in their rentals, or prevent undesirable behavior.

1 to 3 day minimums, large houses, high rents, people willing to share, and our appeal as a summer and winter vacation spot is a recipe for conflict with homeowners accustomed to quiet, security and the enjoyment of their homes. Even our AZ legislators have voted in a House panel to repeal/revise SB1350 and regulate short term rentals.

While Mr. Callie may be responsible, I have learned from current & past board members as well as other home owners, that rental owners haven't always followed existing rules or even turned in the required paperwork when they rented out their houses.

There was a rental rules committee (of rental owners and non-owners) established last fall, before the proposed amendment, to address issues. The committee was suspended because they were unable to reach compromise or agreement between rental owners and home owners. I learned from a rental owner that they wanted to "self monitor", but their idea didn't seem to include accountability to the HOA.

Your " truth" may depend depend on where you live, specifically where you live in proximity to short term rentals.

If your home is near a short term rental, for example homes near the boat dock at the Shores where there are several popular rentals, you probably have issues. There has been excessive noise that is audible blocks away, traffic and parking issues, and large groups in yards, common areas, and streets that have alarmed residents. In a small community like The Shores, an extra 200+ people and cars on a weekend may cause a myriad of problems. We haven't even been able to handle the extra trash, which ends up piled high in the dumpsters and on the ground creating additional expense to the HOA.

If sales of homes for rentals continue as Rick85929 has witnessed, The Shores will change and what made it special for us all will be lost.


Bob Smith & Rick85929...Thank you for exposing the letter writer's motives. Short term rentals are damaging to neighborhoods and HOAs that change their rules to allow them are betraying their members. Follow the money is always a good idea, thanks for noting it.


If Albert Callie is correct that short-term renting is problem free in The Shores and The Cove, why do 94% of the people ON HIS STREET in The Shores support changing the CC&Rs to ban short-term renting? I guess not everyone is in The Shores to make money, some just want to enjoy life.


I've seen the changes at the Shores

Short term rentals are unregulated and unsupervised hotels in residential neighborhoods. High rents attract investors and encourage high numbers of tenants to share the cost, and all at the expense of neighbors. There is a very large group of retirees at the Shores, and those of us who aren't fulltime typically spend seven months or more here. During our eight years, we have seen the distressing changes and personally experienced the negative impact of short-term rentals.

Mr. Callie says that they should have the right to rent their houses if guests abide by the rules. As homeowners we should have the right to the enjoyment of our homes, and the constant influx of large numbers of renters each weekend and the accompanying problems often makes it impossible.

Our HOA has rules and the rental owners have not followed them. HOAs don't have the legal tools or the resources to constantly police dozens of rentals. Even if our HOA hired additional security and management for short term rentals, they turn over so quickly that it would be ineffective and never ending, and it would significantly increase dues for all HOA members.

By my count there are at least 18 rentals listed for the Shores, plus four to six recent buyers/home owners waiting to list their homes until after the results of the proposed amendment. In addition to this 24, there are also two lots that current rental owners are planning to build on. There are spec builders, and lot and home owners that oppose limiting short term rentals because they believe they can sell to investors for more money. Sadly, the fate of our HOA may be in the hands of people that don't actually live at The Shores. Even many rental owners spend less 14 days per year in their houses for the tax advantages.

I have noticed that some rental owners have recently decreased the guest occupancy listed on their homes, since our HOA proposed an amendment to limit rentals to 30 plus days. I suppose this is an attempt to mollify neighbors, but just a few months ago it wasn't unusual to see 16+ occupants listed. The problem is owners/managers are remote and renters have no supervision or accountability like they would in a hotel. it is virtually impossible to control the number of tenants and at up to $500 a night, it benefits tenants to share the cost among as many friends as possible. BTW the homes are not rented just to family groups, but singles and couples who are more interested in partying than just enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

While my hope is just to enjoy my retirement in the "cool weather and serenity of The Shores", I often find myself dodging traffic when I walk my dog, picking up trash and avoiding certain areas because of groups gathered on the street. Over time, short term rentals may actually drive down our property values, because as a local realter advised me, no one wants to actually live next door to a short-term rental.

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