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My wife and I enjoyed the September 11 ceremony held in Pinetop/Lakeside.

The flag display remembering all who perished on 9/11 was inspirational. The participation by the school band, young dancers, readings and songs was wonderful.

However, what was detrimental to the entire program was the spectators who failed to stand, place their hand over their heart, remove hats if appropriate or just showed disrespect for the flag and National Anthem.

Why attend a patriotic program and fail to act or participate appropriately.

My wife and I are both US Air Force veterans and were disappointed in these unpatriotic spectators. It is very disheartening that it appears the entire country is falling into this category. We thought better of the citizens of the White Mountains.

With all the ceremonies viewed on television from across the country, with flags being waved, saluted and proper etiquette for both national colors and anthem displayed, one is disappointed in the actions of some hometown neighbors.

Elinor and George Baum,

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Many of those citizens of the White Mountains also continue to support a man who attempted (and continues to attempt) to overthrow a free and fair election, and to support the insurrectionists who attacked our nation's capitol and assaulted police officers with their "Blue Lives Matter" flagpoles. And I'm sure they still consider themselves "patriots."


Stay on point! Your comment has absolutely no relevance to the writer's thoughts.

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