All political signs need to be removed as soon as possible. They are an affront to many and destroy the natural beauty surrounding us. It’s a crime for individuals to deface or destroy political signs, so those who have erected them and won’t take responsibility for removing them should face the same criminal charges. Our law makers could expedite this process by enacting legislation to limit timeframes for erecting political signs and for removing them. I suggest a placement limit of not sooner than 30 to 45 days before any given election and a removal limit of no longer than 7 days after an election. If political signs persist beyond what is prescribed, law enforcement should be empowered to impose fines for failure to comply and be granted permission to have them removed.

Most importantly, these signs are perpetuating the deep divisions our country is currently experiencing - a trend which is deeply disturbing and could produce disastrous results for our nation and for our system of government. Many may recall that not long ago when cities implemented programs for the removal of graffiti and the repair of broken windows, crime was drastically reduced in the targeted areas. It is altogether possible that removal of political signs will have a positive effect on lowering the cultish fervor of our present day political groups. If you have erected political signs to help show support and sway opinion in the recent election, please do your part by removing them now. All of us want to live in peace, so it’s up to all of us to do our part to help peace prevail. Patriotism is allegiance to one’s country, not one’s political party. Be the patriot you profess to be.

Linda Jones,


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