There are a lot of people in Congress that I have respect for but the body as a whole has become useless and this applies to Republicans and Democrats alike. To think that Congressional members only got a maximum of five hours to study the Stimulus Bill before voting is ridiculous. 5,595 pages containing a lot of pork that has nothing to do with helping the American people reminds me of what Nancy Pelosi said about the Obama Care Bill,( we need to pass this so we have time to read it and see what's in it.) Anyone that voted in favor of this bill is either an idiot and or a traitor to their constituents.

Billions to foreign countries of which some may directly benefit some of our enemies. Two new museums in Washington. Millions to do research on fish numbers. Then $600,00 to each person making under $75,000. Are they suggesting people making $74,000 per year need help. It sounds more like a payoff instead of a stimulus. Let's put the money where it is needed instead of a ridiculous broadcasting of bucks, and don't give another 4.5 mil to the French Laundry.

Whether you believe it or not there seems to be massive amounts of evidence of election fraud and yet our courts won't hear it. The committee meetings I've listened to talk about fixing it for the future, how about fixing it today. Waiting a week or more for states to get their votes in is ridiculous. Give it to Amazon they can get it done. Having someone on the Intelligence committee that is compromised by a Chinese spy can happen, but leaving him there after it was found out is just plain stupid. We are America and We The People deserve better than this.

Lee Hendrickson,

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At what point is the election counting going to be done for you fraud people. I'm guessing until it goes the way you want it to go. When is enough, enough ? What a waste of time and money !


You exclaim, “Whether you believe it or not there seems to be massive amounts of evidence of election fraud and yet our courts won't hear it.” Ahem! Those must have been Albanian courts or those found on other planets. The fact is that dozens of these “fraud” cases have been before the courts and rejected because the plaintiffs had no evidence of fraud. Hear that? NO evidence of fraud. Nonetheless, Lee, you have a full and free opportunity, right here in these pages, to present that evidence. No? Thought not.


"Interesting that Lee Hendrickson writes that anyone who voted in favor of Obamacare is either an idot or traitor to their constituents." Humm, that means that Lee is in favor of taking away from hundreds of millions of American constituents the following benefits: pre-existing protections benefits; no maximum caps benefits, allowing young adults to stay on their parents health insurance until age 26 benefits; free preventive care for those on Medicare benefits; supplemental aid to the poor on Medicaid benefits. That also means that eliminating Obamacare would also mean elimination of the taxes that funded the law’s expansion of health coverage, including a tax on high-income individuals’ investment income and earnings and a tax on pharmaceutical drug companies. The Tax Policy Center estimates that more than half of the tax cuts resulting from the Obamacare’s elimination would go to taxpayers in the top 1 percent billionaires. I wonder if Lee has has considered that due to the republican spearheaded bill the, "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017" the corporate tax rate has been cut by 1/3 from 35% to 21 % and since corporate money is fungible, the net worth of the richest 100 Billionaires has grown by $400 Billion dollars in 2020. Compare that with the $286 billion stimulus funds used for the $600 dollar direct payments and the $300 billion dollar unemployment payments for millions of americans. Do the division and then let it be known that those $600 and $300 stimulus monies will be spent on small business which will then create a demand for more goods and products, thereby improving the economy. Incidently, the stimulus also has $325 billion to help the small business sector. Needless to say, anyone who favors taking away healthcare from millions of american families in order to give more tax cuts to the already rich and corporations is advocating for what is simply, Autocratic-Fascism.


The Republican elections director from Georgia just spent over half an hour on national television, painstakingly debunking each and every one of Trump's election fraud claims. Any questions?


When Obama care came in the insurance industry pricing went up. Higher monthly premiums and higher deductibles. All of my and yours tax dollars going to these foreign countries WHY. We need the money here not over there. Do these countries send us dollars? If so when and how much. Personally I and sick and tired of this money going to a useless cause when the USA needs it here.


Before Obamacare, premiums were already too high and if you got sick they could cancel your healthcare policy; or if you had a pre-existing condition like being overweight and elderly you paid extremely high premimiums, say $1500 to $2000 a month, it was not unsual for the insurance underwriters to price you out. Before Obamacare,many families that could not afford to pay insurance premiums for healthcare went to the emergency room where by law they had to be attended to. Our taxes paid for those emergency room visits for routine care. According to the Harvard School of Medicine, before Obamacare 47,000 americans died yearly because of a lack of access to healthcare insurance. Obamacare gave 22 million more americans access to quality healthcare policies, not cheap junk policies.

1Salty dog

I see it your way Lee.

Obamacare came along and my already high premiums went even higher and I lost my doctors. Obama and Pelosi are liars.


Private insurance companies that didn't belong to the Obamacare Healthcare Exchange are free to single out a person out and raise the premiums as they pleased, unlike those that were in the Exchange. Loss of doctors can occur for personal reasons or because of insurance companies changing the geographical area of their networks.


While I probably agree with much written here, in light of the events of January 6th, you have to give Kudos to the United States Congress for getting back to work!

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