The speed limit on the Deuce of Clubs is 35 mph. There are businesses on the street. If I'm pulling out of a driveway, expecting you to be going 35 mph, and see the front of your truck dip as you apply the brakes, and I put my foot in the gas to speed up to 35, and you're still going faster than 35 while you're passing me, honking your horn, you are going WAY too fast. Slow down. I wouldn't mind seeing police patrolling the Deuce and slowing people down, maybe giving out a few tickets to the worst offenders. Speeding is offensive, and also dangerous.

Mary Branning,

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From what I’ve seen the average speed on the deuce is about 37. I prefer 39


Your right Russ, 39-40 MPH still puts you in their way. Seems like most of those speeding turn left from Clark onto the Deuce.

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