The American Rescue Plan was just signed into law by President Joe Biden and passed with a 76% approval rating in the polls. This tells us Americans largely stand united and want help now.

Many families are facing eviction, some found themselves homeless for the first time. Millions have lost their jobs and are having a hard time. The worst thing that happens to parents is choosing which bills to pay. This critical aid can not be further delayed, every sector of our community needs this boost. The American Rescue Plan should be seen as a significant opportunity and investment, not a hand out.

Not one single Republican supported the bill leading me to believe that the so-called division in the country is a creation of our politicians rather than the people. Republicans are also arguing that $1.9 trillion is too much, yet they had no objection to giving major tax breaks of a similar amount to the uber rich. Working folks deserve to have a decent life and not have to choose between the care our kids need and the rent.

I believe the rhetoric around checks and unemployment benefits have taken attention away from other important aspects of the bill. In particular, the expanded tax credits of up to $3,600 per child. The child tax credit could raise 4 million children out of poverty, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. It ridiculous that a country as rich as the USA has starving children.

At this critical time, politicians need to focus on the things that matter – healthy communities, getting people back to work, and supporting businesses — not creating more distractions and generating fear.

Today, as always, people move to make life better for themselves and their families. This looks like a good start to building back.

Ann Martin,


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The (R)s will oppose anything and everything Biden and the Dems attempt to accomplish in a lame, selfish attempt to make them (the Dems) look bad so that they (the Rs) have a better chance of regaining office in '22 and '24. That's on top of their anti-American efforts to suppress voting. And now the far Right-wingnuts are even going so far as to discredit the Covid-19 vaccine and spread disinformation and conspiracy theories in the attempt to slow the vaccine rollout to make the Dems look bad. Yes, the desperate (R)s are proving that they will even risk peoples' health and sacrifice human lives just so they can stay in power. Despicable.

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