Opioid crisis: will it be just like the tobacco settlement?

I can see this one coming. The "government" is suing the pharmaceutical manufacturers over the deaths and addiction of those prescribed oxycodone. Now the states will get their share of the money to "help" with the treatment of those addicted and maybe to compensate the survivors whose family members died from it. I doubt it!

What I see will be a repeat of the tobacco settlement where the states got money to help those who were sick from their tobacco use but instead the money wasn't set aside in an interest bearing account to help with the treatment. Instead the states looked at it as "found" money and will use it all for pet projects which have nothing to do with oxycodone or any other opioid.

Doubt it? I don't. Just sit back and watch how our and every other state uses the settlement money.

When the states started to raise the cigarette taxes supposedly to dissuade smokers from smoking, I said that the only thing worse than people addicted to tobacco is governments addiction to tobacco taxes. This is no different.

John Ebert,


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