I am writing to express my concern about the stereotype about women in STEM. In school women are, nonverbally, encouraged to pursue art and history rather than science and math. This idea that men are inherently better at science and math just because they are men must be rewritten.

Our country has worked hard to create equality between men and women by giving women the right to vote and allowing job equality. However, women are not encouraged to pursue STEM jobs because they are not introduced to the possibility in school.

In schools, girls are not guided toward STEM subjects because math and science are not “girly” enough. It is not considered proper for a young girl to like computers or doing math while it is proper for them to like reading poems and coloring pictures. Girls are not considered strong or intelligent, just pretty and delicate. Who is to say that girls can’t be both smart and beautiful?

As a society we need to eliminate the idea that a woman must choose to be smart or beautiful, and we need to replace it with encouragement to be both smart and beautiful. The solution is to rid society of stereotypes that men are strong and intelligent and women are delicate and pretty.

We should present children with a broader history including more women. By doing this we present young girls with a new image of what they can achieve.

Merritt Fisk,


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Hedy Lamarr - Screen Star & Scientist.

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