For a man who writes a weekly newspaper column, Tom Brown’s ignorance is stunning. His Feb. 21 column blaming the demise of the Boy Scouts on “extremists” and “sin” reeks of hatred for gays one would expect from the Westboro Baptist types while completely ignoring the reason for their demise; the organization knowingly allowed pedophiles to prey on young boys which resulted in crippling lawsuits.

I’m athiest but enjoy reading the religion section of the Independent because, well, I’m open-minded and enjoy learning new things. Mr. Brown’s columns are not all terrible and I’ve chuckled and shared some of his observations with friends. Where was his condemnation of sin when he displayed his blind loyalty to our fornicator-in-chief in a previously-written disaster posing as a political column?

Well Tom, two can play this game: But God, who loves all people said so numerous times in your good book including John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you."

Columns about current events require research sir; you can’t just pull stuff out of thin air that reflects your particularly intolerant viewpoint and expect well-informed adults to swallow it. Stick to religion where your imagination can run wild without anyone correcting your facts!

David Lehan


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I, too, enjoy his column, and I am a Believer, but he can cross over into the clouded area of opinion. Wish he would just deliver the message meant to be printed in that section of the paper. I wonder if his services become political too. Love to hear a response from this gentleman.


David Lehan: Well said, sir.


David: [thumbup]


I can assure you Mr.Lehan Mr. Browns intelligence is far greater then yours. Highly educated and highly opinionated perhaps. Contrary to the belief of many, Like yourself apparently, we are still free in America to think and speak as free people.


I hate to say it but pastor Tom has is the bullseye right in the middle oft he X-ring.

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