Tom O'Halloran LD1 House Representative has made it clear that he wants your daughters drafted for war. How has he made this clear? He has voted "Yeah" on the latest roll call vote for the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for girls to be drafted in times of war. ( But you might say, war? There is no war, nor will there be in the future. The draft, it's not an "active" draft. Okay then, why are they writing this into this bill? With our allies re-aligning themselves after Joe Biden's disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and partnering with Australia to give them nuk submarines, well we should be worried.

Mr. O'Halloran is very difficult to get on the phone and does not get back to constituents that leave messages for him to do so. Why is he voting "Yeah" on bills that have such drastic changes to American life without even talking to his constituents? Can you imagine your daughter, at age 18, being sent off to war and yes be in combat? It's one thing for a young woman to sign up and volunteer to fight in a war, it's quite another to be forced to by your government.

Call Tom today and voice your opinion on his roll call vote of "Yeah" that will send your daughters to war.

John Lopez,



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181 Democrats voted yes. 135 republicans voted yes. Soon to be forgotten. You did provide the link sir.

Alan Joseph Smith

Let us have a discussion about real issues instead of fear mongering fake issues like a draft of your18 yr old daughters in time of war. We have not had a military draft for 50 years!!!


As a father to only boys and combat veteran, I welcome the change to draft rules and feel it is long overdue. The overwhelming consensus of this country is that we should be treated equally regardless of gender and this is a step towards that.


Right on.


We were saying this in the 60s. If you are going to have a draft, it must be all, not just males! I enlisted rather than get drafted, as that way I had a choice in service and field. My feeling is we should go to a mandatory community service for all youths at the end of their high school education. It can be social work, conservation corp, or military or national guard, some sort of national community service. After that mandatory service, then they can go to higher education or trades or go straight into the work-force.


At least 45 nations have women in their armed forces and 24 of them deploy women to front-line combat roles. Why should we Americans deprive our nation of the intelligence, talents, and courageous patriotism of our women simply to satisfy the misogynistic impulses of those who have no uteri?

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