Our differences, no matter our party, lie in how we interpret information and how we problem-solve.

So, while Wendy Rogers is a Trump Republican, and Felicia French aligns herself with the Democrat Party, they both want Arizonans in LD6 to thrive. That, I truly believe.

The difference is how they plan to get us there with a state senate seat.

While French and Rogers have incredible credentials, French has aligned herself with a party that outlaws plastic straws, rather than human feces on city sidewalks. A party that protects endangered turtles, yet won’t denounce the injustice of looting...not even the tons of waste produced after all looting is said and done.

French's intentions are good, yet hers is a party that chooses stalemates over compromise, stagnation over prune juice.

In the end, French’s party has obstructed our government. And Democrats are the problem, not the laxative.

French’s tippy-top DNC leadership has delayed votes on bipartisan bills such as the USMCA, which has seriously impacted Arizonans. That leadership is doing so still, currently, with its unwillingness to negotiate unemployment terms. Prune juice, stat!

Felicia French truly is a humanitarian. I don't doubt her selflessness, not with her record. Yet I haven’t heard her denounce Antifa and BLM’s violence, or publicly give our police her support. She needs to explain her ‘Responsible Gun Ownership’ plans, take a stand on our safety, and assure us she won’t add to any government blockage if her local, or tippy-top leadership, tells her to vote a certain way. Which does happen. Just look at Tom O'Halleran of our CD1.

As much as I admire French’s selflessness, Rogers has that solution-based glass of prune juice in her hand, ready to serve. At least I know where she stands on issues. She’s clear about her plans, her belief in protecting individual rights and the second amendment. Whereas French is a caretaker, Rogers is straight-up MMA. And fighters see the world for what it is, not what it should be.

Courtney Lewis,


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I would never vote for Wendy Rogers, for for dog catcher. Why? Because like her idol Trump, she has expressed in numerous occasions that she would do away with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education or any other government run non-profit program, even those that benefit our veterans. She considers any government run non-profit programs as "Socialism." All our law enforcement agencies are government run programs so that would mean Wendy Rogers opposes all law enforcement of cities, counties, states or federal. Interesting though Wendy Rogers never disavowed her support for the Bundy stand off against law enforcement and she has never disavowed her association with the Militia group the Oath keepers. I haven't heard Wendy Rogers nor Donald Trump condemn the right wing extremists Militia group Bugaloos who were arrested for attempting to kidnap or possibly kill the governor of Michigan and members of Michigan law enforcement.

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