I would like to address the misconception that students who are more successful in school don’t have any problems. The students I’m talking about are the ones who finish assignments faster or perhaps do better on tests without studying as much. Because these students are proficient at school, adults and other students think that they have easy lives. However, the truth is that these students are dealing with obstacles, just like everyone else.

The main problem I want to focus on is stress. I find stress more apparent in high-achieving students because these students are not only taking harder classes, but they are also expected to do well in any class they take. Furthermore, because these students feel like they should do well in class and in their future, they become stressed with the slightest indication that they may not occurs. I have seen this stress cause amazing students to become lazy, depressed, or anxious; stress also leads potentially amazing students to stop trying and caring about school and their future.

The worst part of it, though, is that many of these students feel like they shouldn’t share their troubles. If you are a friend or a parent of a high-achieving student, there is a good chance that he/she needs someone to ask about how he/she is doing, or perhaps all that is needed is some encouragement. Trust me, these kinds of things can go a long way for someone who is used to criticizing themselves.

Dylan Clark


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