What is going on at Sunrise Ski Park for the 2019-20 ski season?

Last season they advertised three mountains available but there was no lift on Cyclone. A large number of customers were very disappointed by this surprise upon showing up at the mountain. The voiced their displeasure openly and frequently. The conditions of and at the resort continue to deteriorate. A large number of seasoned professional ski/snowboard instructors have left for Snowbowl in Flagstaff due to the lack of vision and direction of Sunrise Mountain management. The high dollar investments that are ongoing and continue to improve Snowbowl make it a fun and desirable destination resort.

Sunrise appears to be in rapid decline with no commitment by resort management to maintain or improve the conditions or experiences for their customers. It seems the focus is more on the casino than improving the mountain. I would think the brain trust of the resort would seek out partners/investors to take this potential diamond from its current state as a lump of coal and re-energize the mountain.

Too many of the employees and customers are leaving not only Sunrise but the Pinetop-Lakeside area and taking their discretionary dollars with them. The summer months send customers from the heat of the desert to the cool of the pines. The winter months see the businesses struggling to make financial commitments and it will get worse as there will be fewer dollars to share amongst the business community.

Mike Ludden,


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Not sure when you have been in the casino but it too needs a make over. A real make over. It could be done in phases...not sure why it has not started and is way over due.


I completely agree. The WMAT could have something really special if they just took care of their Sunrise facility.

My only issue with Mr. Ludden's letter is his assertion the tribe's "focus is more on the casino". As a resident of the area, I'd have to say the tribe is also neglecting their casino. It's not exactly a destination these days.

It's a real shame. This area is beautiful and I hope the WMAT is able to benefit from their gorgeous surroundings and that begins with attracting tourist money, something they don't seem to be interested in right now.

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