Retired Colonel Felicia French will represent Rural Northeastern Arizona well. She will focus on three main issues affecting all of us: education, health care and the drought and record heat affecting our local environment. She has fought in the Army during the Afghan war, worked as a pediatric and hospice Nurse, taught in an Arizona community college and is a third generation Arizonan living in Pine, Arizona.

She spent 32 years in the United States Army and the Arizona National Guard putting her life on the line protecting us. She worked on deployments in the Army as a nurse in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. She has flown both Huey and Blackhawk Helicopters for the Army in Germany. That’s bad ass. Her final military mission was as a Senior Medical Advisor in Afghanistan. When she retired from active duty service in 2010, she was a full Colonel.

Col. French’s passion now is education, health care and our environment. She realizes that we need to improve education at the K-12 level. The way to do that is by being on the state senate voting for our children’s interest. Now. She also realizes our health care in Arizona, especially in the midst of a pandemic, is at risk. She has the experience and knowledge as a committed Army nurse to know the type of health care we need. Now. Lastly, she recognizes that the increasing temperatures and ongoing drought here in Arizona has threatened our forests, our wild life and our lives. This is an issue we have to address. Now.

I have read recent criticisms of Col. French’s stance on guns, her views about the violence at recent protests and her desire to make our environment cleaner. (Stop Government Constipation, Please, A5, 10/13/20) Allow me to say this very clearly. Col. French served our country and our state in the United States Army and the Arizona National Guard. Any talk of Col. French not supporting gun rights is blatantly false. She may want all of us to be responsible with our guns as she was with her weapons of war, but she would never take anyone’s gun away. Col. French has personally denounced any and all violence after peaceful Black Lives Matter protests by any group, including White Supremacist organizations. Lastly, Col. French earned a degree from the Army Environmental Policy Institute which makes her more qualified than most to address our drought in Arizona and ways for us to survive the record heat and fires we will be experiencing for the foreseeable future.

Col. Felicia French is not wrapping herself around any politician. She is just Pro- America and Pro- Arizona. I know Col. Felicia French personally. She is not beholden to “top DNC” leadership, unlike her opponent , who has bundled herself up in a Trump flag. She will think for herself and vote for our best interests in the White Mountains. She has earned our vote to represent us in Phoenix. She put her life on the line while helping to heal her fellow soldiers and protecting our country. She has taught and treated our children here in Arizona. Col. French has a specific plan that addresses the most important state issues we face: education, health care and our drought. Vote for Col. Felicia French because she is an independent voice who will draw only on her values and experience in making decisions, not from anyone in the White House.


Gregory Jarrin, MD,


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Another environmentalist liberal agreeing with the likes of Biden, Pelosi, and even California's Governor Gavin Newsom. Hows California's enviro policy working out for them?

Say NO to French


Russ, like many others just can't quit California! Meanwhile, back in the real world, French, a patriot with an independent voice and lifetimes of experience will lead Arizonans' in LD-6 with competence and compassion. Wendy Rogers takes her orders from Donald Trump, a man with a record of fraud that would light the night sky.


Those wildfires in California come from Federal policy, and Mr. Trump has never addressed that policy other than to say "they are doing a bad and terrible job" It's always "they...are bad, they are wrong....What about taking responsibility, Mr. Trump. Felicia French isn't from California. She's a third generation Arizonian, a patriot and a person who has shown nothing but class and character.

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