In considering the Arizona State Senate Race for District 6, it seems to me the clear choice of every honest, truly free thinking, and freedom loving citizen in our beautiful and precious State should be easily decided for Wendy Rogers.

Neither candidate have held elected Office previously, yet it's clear, Wendy Rogers (Republican) openly states her positions on all matters, standing by them and clearly demonstrating her Representative commitment actively, yet, Felicia French (Democrat) does not state her positions on the real issues or 'her values' as she calls them. Obviously, hiding or obfuscating her positions is not the way to treat the people whom she desires to Represent, especially now! But, this should not surprise any of us critically thinking and freedom loving people of the great State of Arizona. Sadly, this has now become the usual practice of the Democratic Party; obfuscating, lying, cheating, stealing, promoting and endorsing violence to 'get their way' or 'win at any cost', regardless of whom it hurts or kills. What a shame, yet apparently they now don't have any shame.

Please see the Arizona Voters Guides:

Wendy Roger's statements on the issues:

Wendy Rogers clearly states her positions strongly below:

Wendy Rogers brief Statement and Promise:

Felicia French's 'Values':

Felicia French fails to answer simple position questions:

We greatly need honest, upright, moral, fearless, and dedicated leadership in such times as these, as you all well know. So please Arizonians, do your homework, making the logical, moral, civil and right decision.

In closing, based on what we are now openly seeing happen in many of our Cities and States, your quality of life, your livelihood, and perhaps even your very life depends on whom you choose. For us all, it should really be a very simple choice; Wendy Rogers.

John Mitchell,


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Dr Kevin L Gibson

I wonder how many ACA and Medicare reliant voters there are in LD6. How many have found them selves losing coverage as a result of been laid off during the pan endemic at a time when you may need it most. So Rogers wants to get government out of Healthcare, any profit base healthcare system is a contradiction in terms. The USA is the only industrialized nation not to provide healthcare for their citizens and pays 2 to 3 times the per capital cost! As for quality USA rate 11th out of 11 counties benchmarked.


If Wendy Rogers doesn"t believe in government healthcare, then she should sign an affidavit that she permanently rejects her government veterans healthcare service Tricare. Lead by example Wendy.

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