We are now living in a world where the Progressives have one singular goal behind everything they do. This is the suspension of reality! If they can convince us that we are no longer men and women as determined by our sexual organs at birth, they can convince us of anything. The foundations of our sex, our family values, our religions, etc. can then be replaced by whatever reality the State determines in their absolute dominance of us. This simply means the loss of all our individual freedoms for the good of the All Powerful and Almighty State. The novel 1984 perfectly described this scenario. God help us!

Ray Jussila,

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Ray’s posting is another clear manifestation of a lack of training in basic science. What he seeks to do is to ignore a highly complex matter involving hormones, genetics and possibly some environmental factors, and replace them with superstition and unfounded conspiracy notions. Progressives have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with transgenderism. The European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence (ENIGI) is the largest study of transgender people in the world, and it’s unique. It is following the medical status of thousands of persons for decades in order to more accurately define and better understand the causal factor in transgenderism.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a compendium of mental illness and neurological diversity used by psychiatrists, reveals that this condition is permanent and results in long-term mental health issues stemming not only from poor understanding of the biological nature of the condition, but the societal ignorance and prejudices which introduce terrible tensions in transgender people, especially teens. One result of this phobic attitude is that transgender teens suffer a suicide rate 30% higher than the general population.

As I have previously documented, homosexuality is determined by biological factors and is neither an illness nor a choice. The governing fact for sexual partners is attraction and that is determined by a small group of brain cells, in utero. Similarly, gender identity is determined by biological processes which are statistically anomalous but natural, nonetheless. It often occurs that people are born with attractions to their own gender or with gender identities unrelated to their genitalia at birth. There are numerous on-going studies in this area which seek to find more conformance is scientific analysis and agreements.

Ray’s statements about the state being involved is pure nonsense and serves no purpose in any informed discussion about transgenderism.

Sources: Nature Scientific Journal; Harvard Medical College; Scientific Magazine; Psychology Today; Scientific American.


Homosexuality is a choice. There is not homo-gene. Sorry ron, you and your fellow libtards can dream on.


oh almost forgot =

two genders. male and female. This happens at about 7 weeks after fertilization. Male, female he, him, her, she.

Takes a democrat to want to change that


Progressives have nothing to do with so-called transgenderism? Just like they have nothing to do with unfettered abortions, open borders, relentless attacks on our 1st and 2nd Amendments, and all the other culture-killing ideologies the left embraces at the expense of common sense and yes, science.


Ronzim, I have a new year task for you since you like to babble on.Employ yourself to write a book justifying the decline of human civilization. It will surely be a libtard/snowflake best seller. You will be a hero, or should we say false profit.


Russ: It would be more accurate to say that sexual activity is a choice because for humans that is the case, and even that implies free will which is not a part of our makeup. Sexual orientation, however, is not a choice, nor is it an illness which can be cured. The level of scientific proof of that simple fact is on a par with the proof that the Earth is spherical and not flat, or that gravity is a fundamental force in the universe. Science, you see Russ, is not a smorgasbord from which you can select just those matters with which you agree. It is, rather, a self-correcting, iterative enterprise which forms the foundation of human knowledge about the natural world in which we live.

We know, for example, that sexual orientation is based on attraction. Each person is attracted to a range of potential sexual partners based on their relative attractiveness to that person. We have an innate standard of attractiveness over which we have no control but which may be modified by the amount of bourbon involved. The question arises as to the origin of our sense of innate attractiveness of others. If we then examine cross-cultural effects, we can easily see that acculturated standards of human beauty vary quite widely and exercise a small influence over perceptions of beauty from one culture to another. Even so, the incidence of LGBTQ adults still prevails at about the same rate, cross-culturally.

The answer is found in science, and that involves the manner in which certain specialized brain cells develop in utero from one person to another. There is a small area, about the size of a gain of rice, at the front of the hypothalamus which regulates the sexual behavior of men. Autopsy reports reveal that this area is less developed in gay men then in heterosexual men, a circumstance which results in different behaviors between those two groups. Another small arear of the hypothalamus (the suprachiasmatic nucleus) also varies significantly between gay and straight men resulting in differential hormone levels during foetal development. In the 1980’s, Richard Pillard (Boston University) reported that homosexuality runs in families raising the likelihood that there are heritable traits at play. Extensive twin studies bear this out.

Furthermore, research among gay and lesbian people reveals that almost universally they report having always been homosexual, even though their natural attractions were sometimes repressed by societal ignorance and homophobia. Finally, let us suppose that homosexuality was actually a choice. What would then be the moral rationale for treating them any differently than any other citizens? After all, they might have chosen to dye their hair or grow a mustache. The answers are ignorance, fear and superstition.


Scott53: Civilization needs no help from me in destroying itself. Seems to be making a real smash-up of it without my help.

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