My sincere thanks for the thoughtful and well-written guest column by retired Judge Wilkins. I agree wholeheartedly that our country needs and deserves a better President. How about Kay Wilkins for President?

Dorene Becker

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How about you libtards face reality. Trump is awesome! T R U M P 2020


Only conservative republicans would praise a pathological liar, sexual predator, and treasonous, swindler Trump.


How weak you must be to look at Trump and see strength.


Haha Al is just mad at his president because Trump has destroyed the Democratic Party.


Not true Russ, Trump is not my president. Simply because he has destroyed or is attempting to destroy america's morals, patriotism, independent media (1st Amendment) and our democracy. Russ, Trump is also not your president, he is your wanna be dictator and apperantly you are his chump. Didn't he take a Presidential oath of office and also as Commander in Chief of the Military, a military oath to defend our country from foreign and domestic enemies? Why is he encouraging the Russians to launch cyber attacks on our country? Cyber attacks that can cripple not only our electoral system but also the nation's electrical grid and our military/nuclear readiness computer security systems.

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