Thank you Walmart for caring for senior citizens.

We really appreciate that you got rid of your cashiers and make it more difficult to checkout. It's very difficult for us to scan items and when you make a mistake, and the frustration involved in trying to correct the mistake.

Also you have to bag the purchase yourself which also can be frustrating for a senior citizen.

My wife has tremors in her dominant hand so that makes things more difficult. Apparently the cashiers don't cost that much money to employ as I haven't seen prices come down. Same thing happened with Home Depot years ago when they started the do it yourself check out, prices stayed the same.

That's why I didn't and don’t use their machines as I felt I was keeping someone employed to check me out. I really appreciate that they have someone for checkout.

I guess I'll need to find the right government agency to voice my complaint. Last time I got the government involved was when I lived in another area and had fiber connected to my house. I had a landline that got disconnected because the telco said I didn't need it and they couldn't reconnect it.

I know that all it takes is to make a connection in the telco to reconnect to existing copper line to my house. I explained my plight to the FCC stating that when fiber goes down, you lose all communication with the outside, no phone and internet while copper wire rarely fails. Also if the fiber goes down, everyone uses their cell phone which can overload their system which I have experienced in the past.

I cited our age to the FCC and explained how important it is to have access to emergency services when fiber goes down. I got a call from the local telco stating that they would connect my phone to copper wire in two weeks time.

In the meantime, I'll have to do my shopping at Safeway and recommend to anyone that doesn't like Walmart's policy to do the same.

Tony Steczkowski,

Show Low

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Well I'm glad that I'm not the only one who finds the Walmart self check-out to be a pain. I've voiced regularly that if I have to scan and bag my own groceries, Walmart needs to give me an additional 25% off for the money I am saving them in salary and benefits for a warm body checker. So all of you complaining about people not heading back to work because they make more money at home need to sit up and take notice. Walmart, Circle K Corp. and all the others only work their people part time so they don't have to pay full salary and benefits. Try working part time and paying your bills, especially child care if you have small children. I try not to shop Walmart unless I absolutely have to. Then I go to the Walmart in Taylor because they mostly have fully stocked shelves and enough associates to help you out. You still have to stand in line for a long time to get a human checker, but you get one. I say let's start attending ALL of the town council meetings and start demanding that Show Low or Pinetop-Lakeside get a Kroger store in. Walmart has little competition so it can do as it pleases. Let's get some competition going!

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