I want to thank the employee's of this paper for the great job, they have been doing telling the people of the Rim Country about the problems of plant closings and job loss also the problems facing all of us here related to the dangers of forest fires.

I have been sending letters and copies of the newspaper articles to all the listed politicians in this paper and to the Corporation Commissioners. Rep.Tsosie is the only one that cares about our forest and people of the Rim Country, the only one that contacted me in any manner. I thank him.

We the people of Arizona need to push the Congress members, member of the state, counties and cities to get up and help the Forest Service get this biomass and forest thinning project running NOW. Big fires will happen again, and when our wonderful forest is gone, it’s gone.

We the people of Arizona expect those we elect to office will protect our forests and the watersheds; waiting or doing nothing is not the answer. I hope that everyone takes the few minutes to put a stamp on an envelope and a message to each politician and have all family members sign it or call them.

I call on all politicians to put politics aside and protect what we have here and help the Forest Service get the project up and running for all of Arizona and our future.

Robert C. Struck

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It does seem that most elected officials don’t understand the seriousness of the forest management situation. All need to review the story of what happened with a small “managed” wildfire in eastern Tennessee in 2016. On the fifth day it escaped, killing 14 people and triggering $1 billion in insurance claims.

Let’s hope the WMI will do more stories about alternatives to the “let it burn” approach. The Tuesday, Jan. 28, article “Pilot chip and ship project hold out promise for forest restoration” was one subscribers and elected officials should read.

Here’s a link about continued repercussions from the escaped fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee:



Here we go again. Our forests are devastated by human burning of fossil fuels; thus, the only logical way to prevent further damage and effectuate restoration is to burn more fossil fuels in the form of biomass which produces more CO2 than coal.


yes ron, while you are in your little recliner in Scottsdale, we up here in the White Mountains have solid and safe solutions for forest management which includes biomass energy.

Our forests are devastated by you liberal hacks.

Your human caused global warming myths do not apply.


Russ: Global warming affects forests through changes in temperature, rainfall, weather and CO2. First, of course, warming shifts the length of the growing system, while moving the geographic range of some forests and diminishing local growths which cannot move. In addition, warming means that in many areas insects may no longer be controlled by freezing temperatures during the winter and have highly destructive summers, such as pine-bark beetles in the White Mountains.

Second, increasing droughts result in an increase in tinder dry fuels which promote large and more intensive fires. Increasing floods alter snow-melts which changes the availability of water on a seasonal basis. Increased draughts also reduce trees’ ability to produce sap with which to reduce insect attacks.

When these affects are combined with adverse land practices, misguided suppression of fires, many timbering practices, and air pollution we have the kinds of conditions which have led to the dramatic increase in fires seen in recent years.

Extracting biomass fuels and burning them increases CO2 even more than burning coal and therefore increases the very conditions which are destroying vast ranges of forests.

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