I take issue with the front-page article written by Peter Aleshire in the Feb. 7 issue, “Apache County declares itself a 2nd Amendment ‘sanctuary.’” His obvious opinion should be on the editorial page rather than the front page.

I take issue with the subtitle “Resolution suggests county will not enforce any gun control measures,” which makes you believe that all gun control measures currently in place under the Gun Control Act of 1968 will not be enforced, and that those of us in Apache County will be running amok with guns blazing. This is terribly misleading.

Apache County has taken the stance that no further infringement on the Second Amendment will be tolerated.

Further new restrictions on our Second Amendment right includes the proposed “Red Flag” law which will turn neighbor against neighbor. A person’s property can be taken from him without due process. This can be based on suspicion, not necessarily evidence. How long before that extends to your typewriter or the computer you use because what you say offends someone?

Mr. Aleshire, if you wish to stop the violence that you unfortunately have to report on, write a story about the need for the state governments to bring back mental hospitals, so the mentally defective will be cared for rather than main-streamed into society. According to the Gun Control Act of 1968 an adjudicated mental defective can’t purchase a firearm.

You mention the tragic incident with Gabrielle Giffords. Did you know that her assailant was a schizophrenic and because he was never adjudicated a mental defective, he could legally purchase a firearm? Why don’t you go after this flaw in society? Why doesn’t Mark Kelly go after this flaw instead of using his wife’s incident to push his agenda for more gun control? Enforce what is currently ‘on the books’ and much of this criminality will be reduced.

The Second Amendment is in the Constitution for a reason. It’s to protect the people against the government. If you don’t have the Second Amendment, you won’t have the First Amendment.

Linda M. Gilbertson


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The best gun control is to use both hands and slowly pull the trigger. Works to control my guns every time. [beam]

che guevara

johndoe ; If you are " pulling " the trigger as opposed to SQUEEZING the trigger , then your gun control is no where near as accurate as it should be .


Just a couple of observations here: “Apache County has taken the stance that no further infringement on the Second Amendment will be tolerated.” COMMENT: By what means does the author establish the authority of the Apache County government to determine what constitutes an infringement of the Second Amendment? Moreover, does not the phrase “* * * no further infringement * * *” declare that extant laws or policies already violate the Second Amendment? This author, however, provides not one scintilla of evidence of such being the case.

Second, challenges to the “Red Flag” laws have not yet exhausted their final appeals in court. This author therefore cannot know whether those laws are constitutional or not.

Third, for those persons who are mentally incapacitated regarding gun possession, whatever laws are on the books are ineffective because there is no national gun register and no requirement for all transfers of gun ownership, possession or access to be registered. Prevention cannot occur unless the possession or access to firearms on the part of someone who has been adjudged mentally incapacitated is known.

Finally, the possession of firearms by the population has no bearing on protections against a tyrannical government. To begin with, the USA has the most powerful military in the world and can defeat any nation or combination of nations. Second, the American government is now controlled by the most despotic regime in our history. Personal firearms does not seem to have been effective in this case.

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