The global travails of COVID-19 have afflicted millions and killed hundreds of thousands while concurrently ripping gaping holes in national and global economies, creating displacements and hardships scarcely known outside of world war or similar catastrophes, while laying bare the illusions thus far engendered there. Regrettably, there is yet another pandemic now contaminating humanity in viral outbreaks which portends even more calamitous outcomes for humankind – Malignant Dubiety. The vector most responsible for the spread of this deadly disease is the amalgamated global network of social media which achieves never-before-seen accelerations of the transmission of untruths which range from the preposterous to the grotesque.

It is our profound affliction that we find ourselves exposed to this merciless contamination which afflicts the human brain just when five global maelstroms (overpopulation, global warming, resource exhaustion, environmental ruin and violent extremism) are coming together in a perfect storm, rapidly outgrowing human intervention. In a finger-snap of relative time, the speed of communication between, say, Sacramento and Amsterdam has increased from several months to several nano-seconds, and, more importantly, the volume of material has increased from a few important words to trillions upon trillions of words (and symbols/photographs) while the cost has dropped to a near nullity. This environment is the historical dream of the propagandist, the humbug, the creative liar, and the ideological P.T. Barnums of today.

In this mournful preserve, a vast malaise of dubiety oozes its poison into the human brain by overwhelming it with uncertainty – the stock in trade of the ubiquitous weavers of spells, necromancers and tellers of false tales. The result is a crippling conviction among the global polity that nothing can be trusted, which leads to an attitude of nihilism and political apathy on the one hand and extremism on the other – a ideological swamp with a volcano on one end and an iceberg on the other.

Onto this doleful killing-ground of Wagnerian ambit steps one authoritarian strong man after another who create personality cults and massive edifices of falsehoods and half-truths, while seizing control of all the processes of government and strangling all opposition and democratic norms in order to entrench their power. The attention-grabbing cataclysm of COVID-19 provides the dark shadows where the hollowing out of professionalism, science and democracy from our government takes place. We are fools indeed if we succumb to this blight without a fight. Malignant Dubiety is spreading rapidly. We had better undertake to stamp it out and quarantine the spreaders of the infection in our governments, or we will all go down together.

Ronald Zimmerman,


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One of the satisfactions of participating in the discourse here at WMI is of course the well reasoned, articulate, data-based responses such as libertyminded's rejoinder, above. Thanks lm for proving my point.


Great letter, Ron. OK if I copy and paste to my FB feed?

che guevara

My late Nana used to tell us as children , that if you want to give God a good laugh , then tell him your plans . Along this same vein , everyone seems to have a theory and a plan in which to survive this pandemic / pandemonic ( plandemic . perhaps ) and somehow emerge relatively unscathed . The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray regardless of how many cans of beans and boxes of bullets one may have stored away , as this COVID episode is taking humanity into the Brave New World that Aldous Huxley and George Orwell both warned us about .

Your dismay Ron , is noted , however I must point out to you that this WMI editorial forum has been deader than a door nail for the past few years , and extremely censored as well . It is practically a waste of time any longer . Moreover , we live in extraordinarily dangerous times both on the domestic and on the international fronts , where the concept of the future is no longer what is used to be . Danger and treachery lurk everywhere , and the planet is a gigantic battleground situated smack dab in the middle of a gigantic floating spherical insane asylum called planet Earth . HR 6666 , and Bill Gates planned 06060606 aren't simply numerical coincidences . Nor was the experiment of Martial Law recently exercised in Gallup , NM , where Highway 666 and Old Route 66 both traverse through ( Hwy 666 was renamed NM State Hwy 491 . but this matters not in the grand scheme of things ) . One could almost hear the Gallup / Gallop of the Apocalyptic hooves if they put their good ear to the ground . What I found interesting about the Gallup experiment is that despite all of the gun - toting , flag wavers in that town , there was barely a whimper of dissent expressed . Gallup is , after all , " America's Most Patriotic Small Town " .

All of this leads me to the point that I wish to make , in that , America has in my view now been placed on a war footing , whereby capricious lock - downs , scarcity of many , and soon to be most essentials has become commonplace , and the slaves have been conditioned to obscure their individuality and their humanity behind a mask of anonymity complete with the herd management technique of social distancing , much like animals in a feedlot headed to their final destination .

The global economy has been in a recession / depression as China and Russia now pose a serious threat to the continued hegemony of the US Petrodollar . America's economy has been in the ICU and the criminals on Wall Street have pretty much finished looting the country , thus assuring a rapid return to feudalism for the average American . What better way to corral them and silence them than a biological weapon and the threat of food insecurity ( and the means by which to clean one's self after the food has made its way through the digestive tract ) . More to the point , the US and China have been at war for some time now , as trade wars and currency wars , and proxy wars invariably result in shooting wars . The situation in Syria remains highly volatile , although the virus has obscured any significant mention of this - quite conveniently . Furthermore , when this whole drama finally plays itself out after the subsequent waves of the virus , the economic collapse , and the coming war has further decimated and demoralized the human race , all previously held political ideologies and beliefs will vaporize overnight as survival will become paramount . Moreover , once cherished civil liberties will be replaced with civil obligations if one wishes to survive and obtain such essentials as food and medicine . So then , Ron , on that happy note , your reference to Wagnerian drama and tragedy may well produce the Gotterdammerung of the 21 st Century . In fact , I can hear Brunhilde singing those ancient Teutonic laments - and as we all know ; it isn't over till the fat lady sings . God must be having a good laugh for sure , however bear in mind one of the multitude of oddities about the English language , as laughter is changed to slaughter simply by placing an S at the front of laughter .

Thank you for this evening's exercise Ron . I hope this discourse was worth the read .


19JKS49: Of course. Ron


Malignant dubiety sounds alot like the MO of the Fascists:

A quote by FDR's Vice President, Henry A. Wallace in a New York Times article titled "The Danger of American Fascism" on April 1944:

"A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance towards those of other races,parties,classes,religions,cultures,regions,or nations as to make him ruthless in his deciet or violence to attain his ends. With a fascist, the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power."


Arizona Al has grasped the socio-political nettle and pealed it to the core. In a previous posting, I listed the ten most common factors of Fascism and compared them to the practices, policies and goals of the Trump administration. Regular readers may recall that there was a check in all ten blocks for concordance.

Che: Thanks for the comments. They were indeed worth reading.

I would like to hear both of your thoughts on the following: No democrat has yet answered the vital question – What is the plan to remove Trump from power if you should win the election? Trump is already laying the predicated for invalidating the election should he lose, and cannot be trusted to yield power voluntarily. In fact, might he not use the pandemic to cancel the election altogether? So, what is the plan?


Ron, Remember?

On December 12, 2000, the Supreme Court ended a Florida vote recount in the presidential election contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore. The Court’s decision remains debated today. Currently, Trump and the republicans are setting the stage to contest the legality of mail in ballots in certain states. If Trump loses the election he will appeal to a Supreme Court made up of a majority republican ideological justices. Of course, the supremes will decide in a party line votes in a speedy, reckless decision which will have to be made before the state electors meet in person. The sitting president, by suppressing the people's vote, will be declared the winner by the republican majority Supreme Court.

che guevara

Ron ; Very few to none who attain power ever relinquish it unless required , or threatened to do so . As regards suspending or invalidating any so - called election , this can only be accomplished if the real powers - that - be desire it to be so . So in this regard , as I have so often stated over the years , presidents are little more than puppets for the Deep State , whom they all serve regardless of the label they wear , be it Democrat or Republican , as both ponies are stabled by the same masters . This is why presidential administrations come and go , yet the same agenda stays on track and the wealthiest always benefit along the banking and corporate oligarchs , and notably the omnipresent military - security - industrial complex , who only becomes stronger and more intrusive in our lives as a result .

What we have in reality is a s - election / selection process which is determined far in advance , and the subsequent theatrical staging of candidates debates and campaigning is a circus cleverly orchestrated for the plebes , designed to give the illusion that they have a say in matters - which they do not . Wall Street candidate A - Republican , or Wall Street candidate B - Democrat , with the theater promoted by the corporate mainstream media . This is why outsiders are always eliminated before the real showtime begins , such as was done to Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders recently . Interestingly , and sadly enough , they both ended up bowing to the beast and endorsed Biden , which must have been like swallowing a mouthful of one's own vomit .

So then , in the final analysis it matters not who occupies the White House , as the agenda will proceed as planned with an ever - faithful Demopublican at the helm . If the " election " is suspended or invalidated , it will be simply because that is what the Deep State masters desire , perhaps to incite a civil war or to draw attention away from economic collapse and war . Either way , the people will be the only losers , as usual .


Al/Che. Thanks. We will soon see.

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