They were not tourists

On January 6, 2021, there was an attempted Coup in the United States of America. Lead by then President Donald Trump, a mass of Americans who had been deceived to believe that the election was “stolen,” ransacked the Capitol at the very moment that the 2020 Presidential election was being confirmed in Congress. As The Electoral College vote was taking place, the very Congressmen and Women who represent us, were under attack. We all saw it live on television. It was violent. Congress was escorted out of the Capitol. Policemen died. A protester was shot. Congressional offices were used as urinals. The mob, which supported Trump, forcefully entered the halls of Congress to try and prevent a peaceful transfer of power. Those are the facts.

Only four months later, Republicans on Capital Hill are trying to rewrite history in record speed.

“Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall, showed people in an orderly fashion in between the stanchions and ropes taking pictures,” Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia said. “If you didn’t know the footage was from Jan. 6, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.” (On politics,, 5/16/21)

Facts concerning that awful day cannot be ignored nor rewritten. There was an attempt by Trump to lie his way back into the Oval Office. He encouraged those at his rally to March on the Capitol and prevent a vote from taking place. President Trump was quoted as saying:

“We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” (Trump’s Jan. 6 Speech, A Key Part Of Impeachment Trial, 2/10/21, NPR)

These people were not peaceful tourists. They were angry and violent supporters of Donald Trump intent on stopping a free and fair election.

A Bipartisan Congressional Commission is being formed to investigate how and why this insurrection occurred and who helped coordinate it. We the people need to listen to the facts and encourage our Congress to put in safe guards so such an event does not ever take place again.

Gregory Jarrin, MD,



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Lock Trump Up


We can only hope....


The facts do not care about your feelings. You liberals can't handle the TRUTH!!! You people need to get the facts right instead of lying as always!!!!!


The Republican Party is more. It's now the Q-TrumpliKKKan Party. or GQP for short.


Republicans in Congress are "fighting like hell" (to use Trump's own words) to prevent any sort of investigation - bipartisan or otherwise - because they are terrified of the inevitable results: That their own members and their supporters were behind it, and are guilty of sedition.


BIGFOOT: Please list the facts, pertinent to this matter, that liberals have not got straight, and your sources for the "truth". I thought not.


There are two possible explanations for the Trump republican extremists: 1.) they are informationally deprived, delusional, paranoid Trump sycophants or 2.) they are traitors, liars, unpatriotic, unamerican useful idiots whose purpose is to destroy democracy, our government and the U.S. Constitution.


The riot/insurrection of January 6, 2021 could be considered the equivalent of the Confederate strike on Fort Sumter was the battle that began the Civil War. If this Jan 6 insurrection is not investigated and the perpetrators not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, then we will see more and more such incidents over the next few years until there is a full fledge armed conflict. The confederacy lost. Yet there are still many that appear to worship that confederate battle flag. They have never accepted that THEY LOST! GET OVER IT!


We need to place the Qanon Shaman in a diorama.

A good example of Homo Reserectus.


Witnessing the Trump-supporting angry mob descend upon our nation's Capitol that day, watching in horror as they erected a platform to hang Mike Pence, tore gas masks off the Capitol Police Officers and beat them with flagpoles is a day I will vividly remember with a pit in my stomach for the rest of my life, much like watching the Twin Towers come down on 9-11.The only difference is that these were home-grown domestic terrorists -- not the Taliban -- and instead of unifying the country as 9-11 did, the events of January 6 further tore us apart as the cowardly Republican politicians continue to spread The Big Lie and make their pathetic attempts at rewriting history. Until all Americans educate themselves with the facts and vote accordingly, this wretched behavior is likely to continue unabated. Sad.

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