I'll admit that with all the information that seems to change daily about COVID-19, it's difficult to know what is correct.

Is it as deadly and contagious as the flu that comes every year? I really don't know. Because we don't know shouldn't we all be taking every precaution we can to protect ourselves, our children and others we come in contact with?

My wife and I went to Lowe's recently as I needed some sprinkler parts and upon arrival we used hand sanitizer and put on our masks before exiting our vehicle. I was amazed to see that the vast majority of customers and employees were not wearing any protection. In the sprinkler area there was a family of five plus several other people all within close proximity and none wearing masks. At check out there was a woman with two kids in tow and two in a double stroller with no masks.

I am so amazed that parents don't take precautions with their children and I'm offended that they show such little regard for the safety of others around them. Wake up people, none of us can be sure what is really going on here. Is it really that hard to take a few precautions to protect yourselves, your children and others around you?

Lee Hendrickson,

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some don't live in fear of this huge deception


Some people cannot wear masks.

Debra Gibson

More people have died from Covid 19 than did in the Vietnam war. Exactly who is decieved here?


Lee: It is not at all difficult to understand the nature of COVID-19. What is needed is for everyone to pay attention to the science and ignore the incorrect information emanating from other sources. The mortality rate for influenza in America is 0.1%. For COVID-19, in the U.S. about 4.3%. These are interesting data; however, we are in the midst of a pandemic, the full lethality of which is actually unknown at this time. That is because the mortality rate is determined by dividing the number of deaths (from death certificates) which are both easy to locate and to count, by the number of those infected with the disease, which is not so easily found nor to count. We therefore have a fraction where the numerator is steady and reliable and where the denominator may fluctuate significantly because of human behavior.

In Italy, the death rate stands at about 13 percent, and in the United States, around 4.3 percent, according to the latest figures on known cases and deaths. Even in South Korea, where widespread testing helped contain the outbreak, 2 percent of people who tested positive for the virus have died. In America, Michigan has the highest rate at 7.2% while Wyoming has 0.7%. Even Wyoming’s lowest-in-the-nation figure is seven times that influenza.

It is easy to see that the denominator in the fraction is quite variable, especially in the middle of a pandemic, because the number of persons who are infected but not symptomatic is mostly unknown in America due to our lack of testing. At all events, what the science shows us is that covid-19 is very contagious and is somewhere between seven times and 130 times more lethal then influenza, depending upon how each nation responded to the initial infection notice.

We know for certain that social distancing, in concert with testing, tracing and isolation are what works in limiting the spread of the illness. As more and more test data come in, we will, of course, have an increasingly accurate picture of the disease’s lethality. That is the way science works: data, data, data. You don’t need to be an epidemiologist to know what to do. Stay home. You should not have been out shopping for sprinkler heads in the first place. Wash hands frequently and disinfect surfaces.


Most of us never cared for the flavor of Koolaid our leaders served up. So I'll ask you, just's how many died from Covid VS how many contracted it? You dont know, I dont know and they have yet to come clean because "fear" and shock value sell. I assume you drove to Lowes. Did you know 1.25 million die in vehicle accidents EVERY year? Why did you drive to Lowes if you fear death? You see, pointless fear tactics are just that. If your afraid stay home cause the rest will go on with life as normally as we can. Sounds to me like Gallup NM is calling your name.


Scott53: What you are peddling here is a false analogy. COVID-19 is highly contagious and is transmitted via human contact. The leading causes of vehicular traffic deaths are not contagious but are caused by the same dangerous and, often illegal, conduct which intensifies the infection rate in COVID-19. Speeding, drunk driving and reckless driving are main causes. When I travel by auto, I have an expectation that most people will operate their vehicles responsibly while my own defensive driving allows me to avoid the others. If all drivers obeyed all traffic laws, the number of deaths from collisions would plummet.

Concerning the pandemic, if all people would observe the laws and rules of conduct, the rate of infection would plummet. Unfortunately, the CORONA-FOOLS endanger us all, just as a similar sliver of the population endangers us on the highways. In both cases, death and destruction are occasioned by reckless and dangerous human conduct, often under the guise of rights.

We have two pieces of data which are important in our effort to quell the virus. First, is the number of those who have died from it. What we know so far is the number thus far reported but that is the minimum number because the virus was present in the U.S. long before we knew of it. In addition, the number of persons who have died of the virus but were assigned some other cause of death is not yet known, but will be now that investigation is under way.

Second, we know the minimum number of those who have thus far been infected, as well. It is the minimum number because we are so far behind the curve on testing, that large numbers have yet to be identified, especially those who are asymptomatic. As testing increases, that number must needs grow dramatically. In two instance of 100% testing (cruise ship and nursing home) the number of asymptomatic persons was just over 35%, which bodes ill for any premature re-openings of economies.

Yesterday, we had a new projection of deaths from the same model which correctly projected today’s number at 70,000. The new projection incorporates the increased death rate from the openings now occurring and results in a projection of almost 135,000 dead – nearly double the current level when the re-openings are factored in.

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